An Open Letter To The Woman That Broke Him

Subject: An Open Letter To The Woman That Broke Him
From: The Woman That Mended Him
Date: 20 Apr 2022

To The Mother of His Children,

He’s ok. He says he’s the happiest he’s ever been. It’s taken a while to get there, most of our relationship in fact. But I’m so glad he is at peace now.

I hope the children are ok? We haven’t seen them in a while. You’ll say this is our fault. But ultimately, I fear that this may have been your plan all along.

It started with the little comments about how he’s moved away, how he’s a rubbish dad and then it snowballed into threats of not seeing his children.

There were sly public digs about how he needed to focus more on the children rather than his new girlfriend when in fact, nothing had changed. He was still seeing them on a regular basis.

I could go on and on about the things we had to endure. But to be honest, I think my therapy has repressed most of it.

I tried my best. I’m not a parent, I’ve not been divorced but I could see how difficult it was for everyone involved and wanted to give the children a lovely time at ours so that you could have some respite. However, all I got for doing that was abuse from you.

Since the threat of not seeing the children ever again, you have since changed your mind. Perhaps this is because you realise how much we did actually help. We weren’t the enemy.

But alas the damage is done. My partner has almost been repaired completely. Hopefully he won’t go back to rock bottom again. It turns out that rock bottom has a basement for him.

Needless to say, I think it’s time to stop harassing him now and let him repair fully. Like you say, you now have a man that has stepped up to the plate that another man has left. Yet another thing to hurt him.

Finally, on that note, I’d like to ask you a question: how would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot?

Hopefully one day you can be strangers again.