An Open Letter to Who it May Concern

Subject: An Open Letter to Who it May Concern
From: Thunderstorm
Date: 22 Mar 2019

I am not sure how I ended up on this site. I guess it is just one of those nights. Melancholy vibrating in the air, Hozier blasting through out the room, the sky enveloped in a blanket of black satin. Nights as the last tone in a song, the last kiss of a lover, the last breathe of a loved one. It is one of those nights.

These nights make me feel so small, sitting up encompassed by the sheer significance of life itself. It brings up feelings of relief. Relief of having the space to breathe. For once, I feel small, in a world that has always, since my first breath, regarded me as too much. My mere presence demands too much space, in the place where everyone wants to disappear. As long as I can remember I have been too much; too fast; too fiery; too me. These nights allow me solace in being too much, because in comparison to life itself I am nothing. I find solace in the endless, in the never ending, in for once not being constricted to the small boxes I find myself forced into. For once my lungs can expand, inhaling the air I was never allowed from the constraint of the boxes, created by those applying me the label "too much". I cherish these nights above life itself. For once being let out of my cage, expanding and letting my mind become one with the universe.

I am not sure how I ended up on this site, but I will be eternally grateful I did. Through these words deliberately written, I hope to have shared a piece of these nights with you. To who it might concern, the lost soul that share my burden;Carry these nights within you, and allow yourself to breathe fully. It is a night of breathing, breaking free all to the sound of Hozier. It is one of those nights.