Open Letter to the Very Reverend Bob Key, Dean of Jersey

Subject: Open Letter to the Very Reverend Bob Key, Dean of Jersey
From: HG
Date: 16 Feb 2015


Dear Very Reverend Key,

I am writing in response to your press release yesterday, demanding the release of the Steel report.

I know I am autistic and think simply, but has it ever occurred to you that the Bishop of Winchester is outside of the BBC Jersey broadcasting area and doesn't listen to BBC Jersey or watch it, and so he won't actually pick up on your radio message and respond to you? I wonder if you have considered contacting him directly to discuss safeguarding and reports?

His secretary's phone number is 01962 854050. I think unless you actually contact the Bishop, you kind of look a bit foolish demanding a report on a local radio station that is not heard by your intended recipients of your message. Your own Bishop, Bishop Willmott is also outside of the BBC Jersey broadcasting area, so you may also want to contact him about the situation. I will forward this letter to him for you.
You mention in your BBC press release that Dame Steel is a 'respected Jersey judge', respected by whom, may I ask? She failed a fair appeal in the Curtis Warren Trial and isn’t actually either known or respected for much else. Do you think she should be respected for writing an unbalanced report that omitted me and my views but gave you 8 hours of interview and interviewed witnesses who had never met me? For example Gavin Ashenden, who has repeatedly slandered me on BBC Jersey, and who claimed to Bob Hill that 'your case was watertight'?

Why is 'your case watertight' when you have done wrong and I haven’t at any point had a hearing or a voice, either in court or in these messed up safeguarding reports and investigations? Gavin Ashenden is a former lawyer, who has never met me, please can you explain why he was interviewed and passed on some of the defamation of me that you also used against me in Jersey, a one-sided view of my past, that does not tell my story? Can you explain how that is relevant to the report or how you or Gavin Ashenden, or the rest of your circle can behave like this and at the same time claim to represent Christ? Please refer back to my open letter to the Jersey Deanery, posted in November 2013, and at the same time, consider what happens to the vulnerable who are completely voiceless and cannot write as I do:

Open Letter to the Jersey Deanery in 2013, read by thousands internationally, and my first answer to a very horrible and Unchristian smear campaign against me by the Jersey Deanery:

On the subject of Gavin Ashenden, his bad behaviour in Normandy is adding to my stress as members of the Normandy Diocese have contacted me a couple of times over his behaviour, they describe him as very arrogant and trying to take over things there, assuming a position that he has not yet been given, now, I think it is your job to discipline him, he is one of your clergy and not in any way connected to me except that he has behaved extremely badly and in a severely unchristian manner to me, but I am further told that he has always had a bad attitude and makes a bad parish priest, and I am also aware of his stunts regarding trying to ‘drive demons’ out of mentally ill people, very much a safeguarding issue as described.

The Korris report showed some but not all of your own misconduct, and you supposedly 'apologized' but not to me, neither you, nor your deanery, nor the diocese of Winchester ever made me aware of this ‘apology’ nor passed it on. You refused to co-operate with the Korris report and instructed your clergy not to co-operate with it. So why are you so keen on the release of the Steel report, after the Korris report defamed you? (It defamed me too, and it's release was inexcusable).

Well the difference between the Korris report and the Steel report is that the Korris report was not independent but not conflicted in your favour as the Steel report is, the Korris report was carried out by a lay counsellor in the UK, who, although not qualified to carry out such a report, was not actually on anyone's side, she was simply commisioned to write a report, and the Jersey Deanery were unaware of this until Korris approached them, with a report which which she couldn't carry out efficiently because she only had the notes and opinions of people who needed to cover up for themselves to base her report upon, for example Jane Fisher, who heavily influenced the report as her notes were relied on. The Steel report was an expected follow on from the Korris report but with the Jersey Deanery and connected establishment figures such as Bailhache who slandered me in an ‘Open letter’ and Steel, his colleague in the judiciary, Steel ‘offering’ to do the report, was a hijack of what the Bishop of Winchester still appeared to think was a genuine safeguarding investigation.

Steel is a Jersey establishment judge, closely allied with your supporters in the conflicted circle of church members who are also in government and States positions, such as Philip Bailhache, Michael Birt, Bridget Shaw, Ian LeMarquand, and numerous others.
The circle named above were involved in the Steel report and in maligning me, for example Philip Bailhache was allowed to abuse his dual roles in the States and Church and his legal expertise, not to mention his connection with the churchwarden who abused me, to malign me openly in the press and through and open letter, and along with Ashenden and other church-judiciary-states-lawyer crossovers, allowed to make me out to be mentally ill and thus not credible, please refer again to my open letter to the Jersey Deanery.

I understand from your press release that you want this matter concluded, well so do I, I have suffered a solid two years of being defamed and maligned as a result of the actions of your Deanery and supporters, and the release of the Steel report would not be an appropriate conclusion at all for me, it would simply compound the injustice, leave me ruined again, and possibly homeless or dead. Please now read this independent blog on the subject that a Jersey blogger released today in response to your press release yesterday, this describes the situation very well:

There is evidence not only that Steel is and was conflicted, but also that she was derogatory about me, having never met me, in much the same way as Gavin Ashenden was. A subject that I will discuss further. This is neither Christian behaviour nor appropriate behaviour for either a priest or a judge, and it lessens anyone’s respect for them.
Bob Hill has evidence both that Dame Steel is conflicted in her connection to your supporters, and he is also a first-hand witness of her being derogatory about me, having never met me. And while you have managed in the past, to make my trauma and distress into madness, you would not be able to do the same regarding Bob Hill, who is a former police officer and Jersey deputy. I will set out below a number of links to Bob's Statements about Dame Heather Steel being conflicted, maybe if you are as yet ignorant of the harm to me of a conflicted report that omits my side of things, you would like to read these and reconsider your desperate calls for this report to be published:

I hope that, having read Bob Hill's blogs, you will understand that the release of such a report is nothing whatsoever to do with safeguarding, and that in calling for such a report to be released, and indeed, having influenced and played a part in compiling such a report, you are causing serious harm and distress to a vulnerable adult who you have already harmed immeasurably by your previous wrong and inappropriate actions and behaviours in Jersey.

You will see from Bob’s blogs that there is a conflict of interests that that means any report by Dame Heather Steel is not actually viable. As you will see in Bob Hill’s Blog about the Laity Advert, the Jersey Deanery Laity Named Dame Heather Steel as representing THEIR COMPLAINT against the Bishop of Winchester, and they used a large advert in the JEP. How could Dame Steel actually fairly represent both sides in a conflict? Basically she couldn’t, and she was put forward to lead the ‘investigation’ as a colleague of your circle of supporters in judiciary and the States, despite her conflict, and the Bishop of Winchester allowed her to proceed with this investigation despite her conflict and despite the fact that he was told that she was conflicted.

So, I have a feeling she is only a ‘respected judge’ in the eyes of those who have behaved as badly as her, or who have acted in an equally biased and unchristian and judgemental way as her, thus shafting Jersey to the rest of the world.
I feel that you as a Dean, now aware of the facts from this letter, need to call for an inquiry that includes me and my side, rather than maligning me. I am sure that a man of your Status and Standing with God, would see this as a good, fair, and just thing to do. Although I understand that you have been asked to go away on Sabbatical for three months so it is a bit short notice.

The Steel report does not represent what happened to me in Jersey, which is probably why it has not been released. But what I suggest is, if it is released. The best thing I can do is come to Jersey to live again, and hold a series of public meetings, telling my story and showing evidence, for example emails. And gradually, that way, two sides will be heard, especially as all journalists and bloggers will be invited to take notes.

While I was in Jersey, Jane Fisher used to try and silence me by accusing me of making threats when I said I would take the Deanery’s misconduct further, which made her a bully rather than making me someone who was making threats, as I was simply stating what I would do. As I am now. Since the story of what happened to me in Jersey broke into the news, I have had numerous offers from Jersey people of a home and a living in Jersey, and if I continue to be troubled by your wish for the Steel report to be released, or the release of that defamatory whitewash itself, I will indeed come to live in Jersey and tell my story until everyone, whether they believe me or not, knows what I have had to suffer.

I travel light, people are on hand to take me in, I am not in work as I have been rendered unfit for work by this matter so I am ready to come over, sall we say February 26th? And I will start booking for my first talk, you are welcome to join me at the talks to give a counterpoint. I do have an incredible incredible amount of evidence waiting for an inquiry that would actually include me, so basically, it would be an ideal time for me to come to Jersey to share my story. I have seen and am aware that Leah Goodman was banned from Jersey by the same group of people who support you, because she wanted to look into the child abuse and resulting cover-ups in Jersey, and so I know the same ‘Jersey Way’ may well try to ban me again, and it will make headline news. But in the meantime my case is packed and I am looking forward to sailing on St. Aubin’s bay again.

I hear that you are going to America for your sabbatical, well it is a diverse and interesting continent no matter which part you are going to, so you won’t be bored. There you can relax and reflect on the difference you have made to Jersey and to the division between rich and poor, able and disabled. I wish you well with your sabbatical.
I think the best way you can put the Steel report and the ugly and unchristian war between the Jersey Deanery and Diocese of Winchester to bed is to say in your mind that it is over, and move on, as I have had to do with the life I was forced to leave behind in Jersey and the injustice that took it from me, the psychological wounds to me remain and will do forever, but as a mature adult who accepts good advice, I have simply moved on from the injustice of the Jersey matter and gone on with my life, yes, the damage and injustice remain, but I do not dwell on it, I just live day to day, and when the matter comes up in the press, it causes flashbacks and distress that disrupt my life. So, in the same vein, maybe you should stop ‘picking at the scabs and making them bleed again’ – (a metaphorical advice once given to me by a Dean who defended my abuser, but this is a different situation, he was trying to make me drop a legitimate complaint of abuse).

The Steel report is not relevant to what happened and does not, cannot give a fair view, judging by Steel’s attitude and behaviour and the fact that she was allowed to continue when conflicted and did not include me in her report but tried without my consent, to access my records, which also did not include my view, and which she had no right to, and in the case of the police records, this was a blatantly illegal action. Steel also tried to say to Bob Hill that there is nothing wrong with me and I am just a troublemaker. An interesting statement from someone who has never met me, and it also goes against your deanery and Gavin Ashenden discrediting me as mentally ill in the press and in the Church Times, as well as the diagnosis and psychological assessments that have been done. As well as the fact that Steel is not qualified to assess or diagnose my conditions, it shows how unsuitable she was to carry out a report, as she, just as you and your colleagues who compiled the Steel report do not understand vulnerability or abuse, she doesn’t understand these things either.

So I think that rather than making a plea for the release of this report, through media that doesn’t even reach the Bishop of Winchester, in light of your understanding that the Steel report is conflicted and an unchristian act of judgement and defamation and cover up, you the Dean, need to call for a fair and open report, or you need to have the grace to let go, forgive the Diocese (hard as I know that is!) and go on with your life, look forward to your great holiday, your great adventure, your time with God, and at the same time, have the grace to stop inflicting needless harm on me, set yourself right before God before it is too late, because what you will face in death is pretty horrible if you don’t repent these terrible behaviours. I think it is worse for clergy who deliberately behave badly, when they finally face God, because clergy have chosen to be ordained, and thus should be acting for Christ, and when they neither act for Christ nor act with integrity, I should think God’s anger will be quite hot.

You harmed me enough in Jersey by trying to use my past to defame me and make me out to be wicked without hearing my side of things, and understandably, if your understanding of the effects of abuse and neglect on a person’s behaviour are that low, then Jersey’s Deanery does indeed have a safeguarding problem. Both judging me without my side and without wanting my side, and favouring my abusers, was wrong. And as you may see from the National Press, this vilification of victims who have been repeatedly abused, by officials who favour their powerful or well-connected abusers, is widespread. It is just a shame that the Church of England do not behave better than the UK government on matters like this, but in theory, the Church of England is part of the UK government, just as you are part of the Jersey government, where things obviously aren’t quite right when the Care Home situation there has gone on for years and been covered up and minimized, most notably by your colleague, Sor Philip Bailhache, who stood up for you at my expense, he gave a speech in 2008, that I was there to hear, at Liberation Day, and both you and my abuser were in attendance. Philip Bailhache stated that the damage to Jersey’s reputation was more important than the abuse victims.

Now isn’t it funny that Philip Bailhache has pushed for the release of the Steel report as well? Usually he wants things buried, if you get what I mean.

Back to your wrongdoing. I am sure if you repent that, God will forgive you and you will be able to stop worrying about two years of dirty unchristian fighting and defaming me and bad unchristian behaviour. Put it to bed, let sleeping dogs lie, and all the other metaphors I learned from Bob Hill’s blog. The best way to put the dirty war to bed is to ask God for forgiveness and peace. I am telling you that as someone who knows from experience that it is the best way.

I have been left homeless, branded, destroyed, ill, injured, abused, destitute, without the support of friends and family that I had previous to you having me imprisoned, but I am not bearing a grudge, I am trying to live, and I hope that you have the grace and Christianity to do the same. You need to count your blessings, you have a home, you have family, you have cars, you have servants, you have a good wage, and you are about to have a lovely three months holiday. I don’t really think you should be worrying about the Steel report, unless it is playing on your conscience, which I would gather is why you are getting upset about it and wanting closure. Pray for release from your angered thoughts, and pray that you can forgive and forget, that is what Jesus wants from you. You won’t get closure from the Steel report, because it’s release will not end anything but will start another very long series of actions.

You state in your press release that the ‘report will only be in the media a short while and then we can all move on’. That is a very puzzling and incongruent thing to say. You don’t speak for me because the defamation I have already suffered will last me a lifetime, I won’t survive much more, a short time of being defamed does not suddenly lead to closure, no, the damage done by the last lot will last me a lifetime. I am sure now that you have read this letter, you will be able to see two sides and fulfil your Christian duty in instigating an independent investigation or letting sleeping dogs lie.

Have a great holiday, and maybe we could meet up for a coffee in Jersey when you get back?