An Open Letter from an unhappy fan to Arsenal Football Club

Subject: An Open Letter from an unhappy fan to Arsenal Football Club
From: A pissed off customer
Date: 12 Aug 2015

Dear Arsenal Football Club

Attention: Stanley Kroenke, Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger.

As a customer, I would like to complain about several issues that need to be addressed and I trust it will be taken sincerely and with utmost concern.

These issues at hand are generally the flippant and apathetic attitude taken towards fans of late. Need I remind you, that Arsenal is and always will be a football club at its core. It is not some kind of faceless, corporate entity through which you can continually abuse and exploit the loyalty and passion of us fans who have been supporting all our lives.

We have been told by CEO Ivan Gazidis over the past few years that there is money and resources to be spent on top players to bolster and strengthen our squad, in order to compete at the highest level. Yet, every transfer window that passes by, including the current one, the excuses as to why we cannot sign much needed reinforcements are getting more ridiculous and shameful than before.

Not to mention, we have been witness to the bitter sales of our key players over years, weakening our team while directly strengthening the opposition.

Robin Van Persie is a prime example. Some of these key players have still yet to be replaced! This continued deception has finally severed any trust and faith we once had in the management at Arsenal, including Arsene Wenger. Ivan Gazidis stated publicly just before the transfer window opened, that Arsenal had 70m to spend on top players. We are yet to see one penny spent, all the while us 'customers' are expected to fork out and pay for the highest ticket prices in all of England.

It is absolutely appalling, considering the tremendously good financial wicket Arsenal stand on, to be penny pinching every transfer window and on top of that still have the audacity to lie to the fans! Please, do not think we are naïve enough to believe that Arsene Wenger bid for certain players in order to eventually acquire their services. We all know it was a smokescreen in order to get us 'customers' to renew season tickets and give us false hopes.

We will NOT tolerate this kind of treatment any longer. The players are also affected by this lack of ambition to win titles, and no doubt in a few years if they do not see a change, they will seek greener pastures at clubs who can provide them with silverware. In fact, this has been happening for the last couple of years!

The general consensus is that most of the Arsenal fans worldwide feel exactly the same way this letter describes. If Arsenal is being run as first and foremost a business, I think this "customer feedback" should be taken with heed.

Some drastic changes need to be made ASAP to ensure continued loyalty and support from the fans. Otherwise, we will be forced to do everything in our power, to sabotage the current policies in place and put increased pressure on the owner Stanley Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis to realize they just cannot continue to get away with this. Our loyalty and support will not be taken for granted any longer. You have been warned.