An Open Letter to Those I’ve Wronged

Subject: An Open Letter to Those I’ve Wronged
Date: 14 Apr 2019
Torn Trust

I tend to think I am someone who is generally easy to get along with and have never harmed a soul who has not deserved it. Then again, most people tend to think of themselves higher than they truly are. I have ruined days before. I have marked people in ways I wish I would have not. For those people, I offer these apologies. No names will be involved for anonymity purposes, but you’ll know who you are. I also added a song to the ones I felt one for, but didn't do a song for each because that would be too forced.

For the person who I suddenly turned on for something they may have not even done, the person who I refused to tell why I had done so, and the person I embarrassed in front of their own friends by making them out to be some sort of terrible human being…
It was wrong of me to accuse you of something a friend had claimed you had done to them, say I could never forgive you, and never even tell you what that thing was. By calling you out in such an indiscreet way in front of an audience of peers truly presented me as someone who I have come to despise. If I could go back and just ask you what had actually happened, gotten both sides of the story, decided for myself whether what the other person had said about you was true or not, I absolutely would. I handled the situation in an immature way, causing myself to both hurt and lose a friend. I am sorry for all of that, and understand if you cannot forgive me.

For the person I had the hardest time saying goodbye to, who I have seen cry and who has seen me cry…People Change - Mipso
We had a good run when we could still relate to each other, but after more than a year of you needing to explicitly tell me that we are losing touch and that you were okay with that, I too am finally okay with it. This is not a letter written in of hopes striking the match to restart our friendship. I have tried that too many times in the past, and each time you handled it better than I think I ever could. It was uncalled for me to tell you that I wish we were still friends, to tell you that you had such an impact on my life, to tell you that you’re like a sibling to me, to tell you these things I knew you were already aware of despite you telling me that our close friendship is impractical. With that said, I am glad that the past happened, but the past should stay in the past, and I understand that. Thank you for never cutting me off even after all I have done, all the needless stress I put you through, all the emotions I would dump on to you. I am sorry that I put you through any of that.

For the kid who I showed no remorse for, made class a living hell for, all for no real reason what so ever…
Looking back on the ways I would relentlessly insult you, calling you names like “Ze dick” and “shrimp head,” I am honestly sickened with myself. I would criticize traits about you that you had no control over, and I honestly do not even know why I did it. You never even slung insults back at me. I am sorry I made coming to class somewhat of an event every day, and that I will likely never see you again in person for a face to face apology.

For the person I fooled into thinking they could trust me, only to have me cut them off for no apparent reason… The Night We Met - Lord Huron
I think sometimes about how we could have been great friends if I was not so overwhelmed with life, if I never overreacted, and if we never tried to be something more. I was looking for someone to connect to, and went about it in all the wrong ways. Yet, the person who was most affected by my mistakes during that time was not me; it was you. Those mistakes have no excuse. Looking back I cannot believe how I could have called you crazy in the most literal sense of the word, told you to ask someone who cares when you came to me for help, and so much more. I have no way of contacting you, because part of my overreaction was blocking every form of contact I could think of. I have no direct way to tell you I’m sorry, so hopefully this finds you some way. I don’t expect to be forgiven, but I do want you to know that I am sorry for misusing the trust you put in me.