An Open Letter To Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Subject: An Open Letter To Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Date: 17 Jul 2017

Governor Abbott,
I wish to remain as professional and courteous as possible in this correspondence , but I find that a difficult task when I am boiling over in rage. I am not a resident of your state , so news of your ideas and changes to Texas were not originally forthcoming. However, I read a post recently that sent my blood curdling, and upon further research I realized that the claims made throughout were very likely true.
The post in question was in reference to the suicide of a young transgender male named Finn in the state of Texas, and this post was adressed directly to yourself, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Representative Ron Simmons. The post ( on the site, I trust you can find it should you deem it worthy of attention) mentioned repeatedly the wish for "Texas authors and supportees of the Bathroom Bills to see the fruit of their labor". This esteemed goal was that of the suicide of Finn Bousquet, who had just recently graduated the 8th grade.
The factual side of the issue is that there is little to no evidence of sexual misconduct on the part of the transgender community in regards to using their proper restroom. And should the issue be that of religion, or a claim based therein this quotation may lay them to rest, " Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you on my account" ( Matthew 5:11). No one can claim to do god's will while inflicting harm, sir. Therefore in your pursuit of "reform" you have no defense.
Please consider the many lives that your changes with effect, the discrimination it will encourage when men in power seem to do the same. People are like sheep , and they go as their shepherd directs, whatever the direction.You are setting a precedent for not only the state of Texas, but for the United States of America as a whole. There are many lives you affect by every decision you make.
Sincerely, River Ravenscroft