Open Letter To Tech People

Subject: Open Letter To Tech People
From: Shawn
Date: 13 Apr 2020


Dear Tech People,

This shows how much as a society rely on technology and how many sacrifices we’ve made to have come this far. Technology is what drives us to do better because of the emergence of internet and of that reason it is beneficial to keep technology and not turn away from it.I know that people will think different about it but it's good to have opinions to justify weaknesses and the good things about technology. I strongly want technology to strive longer and evolve better than before because of new issues between using it too much and viruses.

Although I could see that in some area's technology is really in need like for an example, computer programmer, video gamer developer, and other related jobs towards technology.

Technology has changed us from being able to view the internet and now to text people and soon to buy groceries from online shopping. I think it is very important that technology has a purpose of living easier and to find new ways about cures and good breakthroughs in the medical field.

Many opportunity's with technology is, the military and its weaponry and because of this, it continues to help America to compete against other countries. This also helped pave way to other things like better signals, more accurate data with download speeds and less waiting time.

It really depends on the person if they think technology is friendly to them, some will say yes but some will say no because of their experience and whether they want to embrace this new change.

I think this new change is beneficial and can lead to more new finds about space related ideas and more knowledge about how to do things easier. Another positive on technology is education because of the learning environment and with it, better things like new computers, and smart boards and, adding more test options and report card changes to online grading systems instead of doing it with stress and no options.

Another way that technology is useful is communication because it promotes talking to people in businesses and even just to hang out with friends.

Security is a big importance to technology because of the virus getting squashed and financial situations with the internet like paying bills and seeing the news. It is also important because of doing these things instantly means not having to lose something that's in hand to turn but to do it virtually with no problems. And with cyber threats always there its beneficial to have anti-virus software programs to protect against the common threats and any others that come along.

Technology can even create creative things like the experimental walking and talking robot which is a big step towards having to replace some jobs in the process but reliving some people of hard work. Robots related to technology can be improved to be entertaining as well and can be a new social experiment to test robots and such.

Technology to me is a must have and helps make life easier and simplify everyday things, so without technology, it would be way harder to achieve anything, but it can be possible.

Within my dad's and my experience with technology is in computer because he had an interest in Web design which is popular, and he wanted to ultimately get into making computers and finally make something of his self in technology.

Technology involves other useful tools like the simple iPhone or android phone which can be used smartly like calling for help or maybe doing homework if your computer doesn’t work.

The other positive things about technology are speed, efficiency, and finally, agility, these ideas in mind are what makes technology. But without these ideas and or basic knowledge of technology it would be hard to know how these all would work. Also, Automation is a good attribute towards technology because that means, no human error and it means faster business and no or less incidents.

People still debate whether if technology is a good or bad thing, but it can be primary rewarding but boring life because of being in social media too much or not being active. One of the interesting facts about Techology is the amount of people that will be connected to the internet, which is roughly, eight billion by 2020.Another fact symbolizing technology growth is the amount of websites being made is around 570 plus more added every minute.

Household appliances and bathroom stuff are important because it evolves and making it better by newer technology, so it doesn’t get harder to use them it gets easier. However, there are faults in technology like bugs or glitches that make it unstable sometimes, so that means there must be engineers or programs to fix the problems and get it back up and running. These kinds of jobs are wanted and what makes technology useful because problems need to be fixed and to be well maintained to be worked on.

Technology is always going to evolve and become better reliable like for an example, the military tech that the US military is using currently revolves around daily updates to tanks, Humvee's and aircraft. Without this, America would be behind everyone else in the list and we wouldn't be strong and that means to other country's that we would be weak without the proper technology.

Finally, technology is important due to being able to do things faster to accurately assemble data more efficiently and getting things done faster as a result of the massive evolution of phones, computers, business machines.