An Open Letter To Steve Kerr

Subject: An Open Letter To Steve Kerr
From: Rockets fans
Date: 29 Jun 2015

Dear Steve... Coach Kerr, Steve-o, The Steve Man,

The things you've accomplished with the Warriors in half a season are downright impressive. Kudos.

It's clear that teams who have spent years looking for a franchise head coach should have been looking no further than you. That includes the previously aimless Houston Rockets.

And don't worry about Mark Jackson, that's just sour grapes. The entire league has your back. When you've got a team with championship pieces but can't keep things copacetic you're not doing your job as a coach.

Klay Thompson deserves big ups as well. Setting league records, knocking down threes and making the All-Star Game. I think it's safe to say he's proved every front office executive that wanted to deal him for Kevin Love dead wrong. Well, it's not entirely him. Kevin Love is doing a pretty good job of that himself right now.

And now you've racked up a 4-0 career record against the Houston Rockets. Without those four wins, Dave Joerger might be coaching the All-Star Game.

Which hey, yeah. You're coaching the All-Star Game. That means you get to select the starter to replace Kobe Bryant. And man have you seen this James Harden guy?

James Harden may not hold the league record for points scored in a quarter, but he is the NBA's leading scorer. He's got this wicked beard that even casual NBA fans recognize so you know he'd be a positive force during the NBA's leading showcase event.

And Houston knows what happened. After years of riding the Yao Ming and Steve Francis popularity bandwagon we lost this year's popularity contest. But as a man who was coached by Gregg Popovich, you can agree the NBA is not a popularity contest. Except when it is, of course.

Even though the votes weren't there to overcome Kobe's lifetime of popularity, James Harden deserves to start the All-Star Game.

NBA fans will have the delight of watching Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson go head to head in the three-point shootout. NBA fans also have the delight of watching Curry and Thompson host a nightly shootout on behalf of the Warriors. There's a sharp nickname for it and all.

The All-Star Game is the one chance fans get all season to see MVP contenders share the ball while battling it out with each other. So... James Harden and Steph Curry might be on the same team, but let's allow them to have a Hero Ball Contest from start to finish in the All-Star Game. Give them a chance to out-do one another on the court for the enjoyment of the fans.

Hoisting threes. Crazy drives. Tricky passing.

So whaddaya say? Put James Harden in the starting lineup and give him a chance to prove that he's even that good.


Rockets fans, and common sense