An Open Letter to Single-Parents

Subject: An Open Letter to Single-Parents
From: Noah Seymore
Date: 9 Jun 2020

Fight. Stay strong through these possibly hardest 18 years of your life. A normal family consists of a mom, a dad, and a child or children, however, you are in a position where either the mother or father figure is not in the picture. I know its hard, having to be both a mom and dad at the same time but you are strong enough to get through this. Work for your kid or kids and try to give them a better life than you had. You may get aggravated, stressed-out, or down but remember who you are doing this for. Never and I mean never get mad at your kids for this, it can be easy to blame this on them but they had nothing to do with it.. Give them a full and happy childhood, they are no different than any other kid and they shouldn’t have to be treated like they are. Also, remember that you are their rock, so be there for them when they need you and never hesitate to make time for them. You are one of 13.6 million single parents in the United States and you make a lot of people proud, not only me but your kids too. Support them through school, first heartbreaks, and times that are hard. Support them through everything. You are doing a job that was meant for two people to do and you deserve so much praise for that. In the long run, it will all be worth it when you see your kid smile, make memories, and have many accomplishments in life. You are important and you are amazing. Be proud of yourself and most importantly, never give up hope.