An Open Letter to Serena Williams

Subject: An Open Letter to Serena Williams
From: david
Date: 8 Sep 2015

My Dear Ms. Williams,

First, let me acknowledge what many others have said for a while now: congratulations, Serena, you are the greatest tennis player that has ever lived. Reasonable people are allowed to disagree about such things, of course, but all things considered, I believe it would be very unreasonable to disagree with this assessment.
NOW, as to you and your best friend, your partner in making history, your toughest competitor, your lovely sister, Venus, thank you both for one more “match for the ages.” It is yet another chapter in what is, arguably, the greatest ‘sister act’ is sports history. At the risk of sounding pure fan boy, I must say, simply, “ . . . WoW, ladies, you ROCK!”
No matter what happens tonight, or in the U.S. Open afterwards, the big issue to consider is the Open Era record for Grand Slam events. Without getting overly political, that record needs to be held by someone whose ability to get there, didn’t need any outside help. Please, Serena, take your time and set a new high mark in total Slam titles. Maybe the “just two more” will not start quickly enough to fulfill your quest for the Calendar Slam. Heck, your big sister could be the one to win tonight. Would anyone say Venus is not worthy? I will concede never owning a Calendar Slam would be a shame for the greatest tennis player ever - - - but it pales to insignificance compared to owning the record for total Slams.
So whatever happens tonight, Wonder Woman, please hang in for “just two more.” I know, it is easy for me to whimper and plead, and it is a mark so difficult to equal and surpass, but there has never been an extended career of excellence like yours in tennis, and it is very likely there never will be again.
Serena, Venus, we love you so much - - - be healthy - - - keep winning. Serena, at least two more Slams, PLEASE, please, pretty please with sugar on it!?!