An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul

Subject: An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul
From: One of the Afflicted
Date: 21 Jul 2018
Rand Paul's Trump Derangement Syndrome Diagnosis

Mr. Paul,

Through his vicious attacks on our free press, our current President has made it virtually impossible for an Internet-connected and free society to sort out truth from lies, facts from fiction, reality from deluded fantasy. He vilifies well over half of his constituents every day on Twitter and in press interviews. He has no ideals, no morals, no integrity, and no ethics. Armed with a 100-word vocabulary, he does little more than launch hate-filled and irresponsible rants at perceived enemies, apparently oblivious and believing himself immune to the dangers in and possible consequences of accusing without proof and attacking without justification. He is as stupid as he is dangerous, and if he were stripped of his wealth and power, you would recognize that all Americans currently suffer from some form of 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'.

That a thinking adult would employ a juvenile Twitterism like this in making any argument is laughable. That a U.S. Senator would wield it to belittle his colleagues during a debate about the integrity of our electoral system and the protection of a special counsel investigation constantly under threat by our President is horrifying.

All of you knew what he was ahead of the Primaries, but now you view the aversion most Americans still have toward him and toward his presidency as deranged and anti-Trump. All of you knew not long ago that Russia's interference in the 2016 election was tantamount to an act of war, but now you view anyone who would deny Putin's right to anything less than a hand job in the White House this Fall as a promoter of war over diplomacy.

Why? From the outside looking in, the behavior of Congress under this administration appears to be some toxic combination of tribalism, cynicism, complicity, self-interest, political ambition, ignorance, and a complete disregard for the truth. The electorate is no more than a negotiable and gullible pool of mindless advertising targets rather than American citizens. 'Narratives' defying all reason and having little or no basis in reality are thrust onto the fore by our own elected leaders, either as proof of what we know doesn't exist or as a refutation of what we know to be true.

What ends justify these means? Why are you trying to normalize such a clear threat to everything you were elected to protect and uphold? Why can't you see the obvious consequences of maintaining your current course? And why don't you understand that there is nothing deranged about believing we deserve better than this President and better than this Congress?