An Open Letter To Sean Taylor

Subject: An Open Letter To Sean Taylor
From: Kevin Fielder
Date: 23 May 2015

Dear Sean Taylor,

I want to thank you. I know you’re gone and we as football fans miss you but everyday you continue to inspire me day in and day out.

I’m a Hurricane fan to death and you were by far my favorite player to dawn the orange and green that few get to. Every time I watch the tributes and the highlights I tear up, we all know that you were taken to soon and we know that we’ll never get to see you hit another receiver again.

Though it may seem almost contradictory, you’ve connected with football fans even though you rarely talked to the media. Through the interviews I’ve watched, you’ve been one of the most humble and everyone loved you.

When players like Clinton Portis is worried that they’ll lost their job to a freshman running back and are surprised that you’re becoming a safety is amazing. He isn’t the only one though, multiple players have said you were amazing and who can’t deny. With that being said, you weren’t just a football player but you were a man.

You’ve taught me that life isn’t long. When you were murdered, I’m not the only one who cried but I still cry. When I watch the tributes, I honestly think you’re still here.

Thank you, Sean. If it wasn’t for you, many of us may not have been into football. God speed.


Kevin Fielder

Lifelong fan