Open letter to Sean Hannity

Subject: Open letter to Sean Hannity
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 13 Nov 2017

Let me say this Sean Hannity a little bit of you that I watched stinks particular presenting misleading statistics of african american that related to former president obama where it be about the economy homeownership immigration etc .you claim to be radio host &advocate for donald trump by presenting false facts about african americans as well about obama when it comes to his presidency for eight years blaming him for the national debt when it was george w. Bush who was president for two terms when the debt started in his administration. The way you"re helping Donald trump in this russians investigation by switching the blame on Hillary Clinton of a uranium deal that she wasn"t even involved in the deal that was approved legal is pathetic just to annoy that Donald Trump 's campaign involved with the russians to help Donald Trump get elected. Switching the blame on clinton isn't going to work mueller is close in getting to the bottom on whether trump' campaign concluded with the russians !The interview on your radio show with Roy Moore trying to clear him from this sex alleged scandel with a teenager is a example you don't care about the truth only your self interest if Roy Moore win next month election keeping the seat as a republican. The worse thing about you hide behind your racism & hate behind others like a punk ass coward .you disgust me as a talk host with no honesty in your body just pure propaganda of makeup stories presented to the fox news viewers in which I'm not a viewer of fox news. You're a golfer for Trump willing to say anything even if it isn't true whether it's the economy immigration etc kissing Donald Trump 's ass