Open letter of questions to liberal thinkers around the world.

Subject: Open letter of questions to liberal thinkers around the world.
From: Zsuzsanna T.
Date: 22 Feb 2018

Why is it that everything that doesn’t happen the way you think it should, you say it is bad? Why is it that you, who announce tolerance, respect, peace, love, understanding etc. day and night, are the ones who are intolerant with those who think differently? Why don’t you give a bit of respect to those who think liberalism is not the right way? Why do you call a war against those countries who want to keep their nation the way it is? Why are you allowed to use hate speech on citizens and politicians of these countries? And last but not least, why is it that you think that you have the right to judge anybody?
How in the world do you dare call a country a dictatorship or the PM a dictator? In your mind, why is a PM a dictator if he doesn’t kneel down before you? Do you have any idea what a dictatorship really is? I’ll tell you what 21st century dictatorship is in your liberal dictionary: All of those leaders, countries and governments are dictators and regimes that do not agree with us and do not do as we tell them to! This is dictatorship according to you.
According to my 21st century dictionary, dictatorship is what you are doing. Trying to force all your beliefs down our throats, and if we do not wish to swallow, we are your enemies.
You are the most intolerant people of them all, who are full of hate towards those who think and behave differently than you do.
Us Hungarians know very well what a regime is like, and just because you say Hungary is in the hands of a dictator doesn’t make it true.
We do not wish to become one of your lap dogs, and that doesn’t mean that we are bad people you know!
You spread lies about our country, even though you know that it is not true, but to reach your goal you are capable of anything! Even use scripted questions, set up your television reports and get away with it, actually get away with everything.

I wonder if you have heard all the hate speech going on in Hungary from your so called leftist liberal friends? If anyone from the government would have said "just one" of the following things, you would demand the UN troops to enter Hungary.

- What would you say if: someone from the government would say the opposition leaders should be shot in the head?
- What would you say if: a person from the government would say that the opposition should be hung on the poles of the street lights?
- What would you say if: someone from the government would say that he will lock up everyone from the opposition together with their family members?
- What would you say if: a journalist that is NOT a liberal would write “I hope democracy will not come for a few days after the elections, and I will see all of you being shoveled from the ground up onto a truck's flatbed”
- What would you say if: someone from the government told all churches to shut up, and keep their opinions to themselves, and they will be told what to do?
- What would you say if: someone from the government would say, that those who do not vote for them shouldn’t be afraid because they will not be hurt and they will be forgiven?
- What would you say if: the Hungarian government would say that: “The opposition is condemned to death, and the death sentence will be bought to them by us?”
Well dear liberal friends, all of the above was said by the opposition, and what really surprises(?) me, you didn’t come running around screaming like you would the other way around did you? I don’t see it on the front pages of any of your papers or as breaking news. You all are all hypocrites, use double standards and have no shame what so ever! Start thinking what kind of opposition you are backing up.

Let me recommend the same to you as the EX leftist Prime Minister recommended to the churches - as I wrote above: "SHUT UP, and keep your opinion to yourselves!"

B/R, Zsuzsanna