An open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Subject: An open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi
From: Sâwma Pachuau
Date: 12 Dec 2017

An open letter to Prime Minister
Narendra Modi

Dear Pradhan Mantri ji,

Respectfully Sir, I have heard a news about your decisions to visit Mizoram on this comming Suturday (i.e.16th, Dec,2017). It is a very glad tentative programme as such a great Prime Minister like you to visit a remote North East State of Mizoram. We are really appreciate and honour you and your decision.

But Sir, there's something that i would like to mention about the programme which is to be held at Lammual and some facts about the Tuirial Hydel Project that have to be inaugurate.

Sir, You may already heard Lammual (Assam Riffle's ground) where the launching function will take place is about 133kms away from the actual project. But just incase i kindly remind you that it is not possible to reach the Project ground Saipum and Mauchar villages due to a very poor bad road maintenance. And this may be a reason for why the state government (INC) shift the functional programme to Lammual rather than in the actual Project place. I also want to add that almost all the road under the state government are in bad condition while your strong Government had aready release fund for construction and maintenance of road. In order to pretend this, during our former VVIP visitor Shri Ram Nath Kovind the respected President of India came to Aizawl, they did what they called 'seal coating' in a rush. They only covered the road from Zemabawk Helipad to a place like Raj Bhavan where the President has to arrived. They also coated only one land/line which is half a wide of the entire road (hope you may find on YouTube how poor they constructed) May be or not, due to this bad road conditions, The President also cancel his scheduled to visit PC Girls School. I have alot more to say but honestly i will refrain. In short you are going to launch a project from a far distance, is it less expensive and easy to launch from a web via like Video Conferencing technology.

Regarding the Project, Tuirial Hydro Electricity Project (HEP), Our State government and the Government run NEEPCO might inform you that likely to be launch and inaugurates a 60MW Mega-Power project. But in reality according to Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) that announced they successfully commissioned the first unit of 2x30 MW Tuirial Hydro Electric Project (HEP). This means that the 2nd unit of 30mw turbine is not yet ready to function. Which inturn, You honourable sir, it is only 30mw HEP that to be inaugurate and in reality while the maximum power produce of this single turbine is 30mw, the actual average production will be decrease to 20-28MW. Honestly, do you still want to launch this unfinished and costliest project? As you will be written down on our history ever since.

And Sir, i also want a let you know that there is so many political allegation and calumny on this project especially on Compensation issue. I hope you all know about the history of the project better than me myself. But tenderly i cry you to know that it was not a compensation that halt the entire project during the former ministry. The very first total estimated & sanctioned amount (i.e. June 1997) of this project was amounting to Rs 368.72 core only. Even in this unrevised estimated amounts, 2.8% out of the total estimated amount only met the compensation expenditure. As per by December 2014 new revised, amounting to Rs. 1381.71cr, it was nothing but a mere political allegations. There is no way that a 2.8% ( or let it be 5% ) compensate expenses can stopped such a huge project (Theory of probability).

Again Sir, our state (i.e. Mizoram who is the right owner of the said land) is as you and we all knows, a very poor state even as compare to our North Eastern other Sister State. The government run NEEPCO run a business in our land but in return the only share is 12% (7 point something MW) out of the total products. So, Respected Sir, this is my humble request to you, Pradhan Mantri ji, please make some reconsideration and increase our State Share at least upto 40% otherwise this project might cause a Civil war amongst the youngsters. I am afraid that the next two to three generation may burn down the entire project if the deed agreement sign by INC Mizoram Pradesh and Central Run NEEPCO continually goes like this. Accordingly and assuming the current status, We the Mizoram State need to buy an electricity which is produce on their own land at the rate of Rs 8.44 to Rs 10 per Unit where from the other state the rate is at Rs 4.25/unit to Rs 5 per Unit. This is beyond acceptable and reasonable at all....

Our India Constitution, Article 371-G (A.k.a The Mizo Accord) clearly state that , no Act of perliament in respect of ownership and transfer of land etc... With this regard and your kind humanity I am not only hope but also certain that you would kindly agree my humble request.

Yours Sincerely,
Sâwma Pachuau