An Open Letter to President Biden and the U.S. Congress

Subject: An Open Letter to President Biden and the U.S. Congress
From: Nicolas de la Forge, Ph.D.
Date: 17 Jun 2021

President Biden: I am asking you to address the problem that I bring to light in this letter. May you be the President who restores truth and integrity to our country. Time is running out on the Good; everywhere people are made to suffer.  I begin with a statement from President Lincoln."The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace, and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy and more insolent than autocracy. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my people, my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow and the money power of the country will endeavor and prolong its reign by working upon the innocence of the people, until the wealth is aggregated into a few hands and the republic is destroyed."I quote President Lincoln because (a) he is providing a true picture of the United States of America, its 'darwinian' dimension; and (b) it renders my claim, here expressed, similar to President's Lincoln's and thus, credible. For, a new power, more despotic than monarchy and more insolent than autocracy now operates in our country.  Beginning 2001, this power more despotic than tyranny and more insolent than autocracy has come into being in the United States. You do not know of this power, Mr. President, as it is deployed in Black Ops: it is as if it did not exist. Thus, it will take a special effort to identify it. Because it operates in Black Ops, it took me twenty years of investigation to discover its existence and come to the conclusion that it involves a secret program run by specially designated units of the Military, Federal Agencies and some Law Enforcement (along with Mercenary Contractors and misguided Patriot- Citizen groups).   For example, the torture experiments that resulted in a number of deaths at Camp Delta, were known to a select group of Military men who functioned in Black Ops, in Black sites, to avoid detection as they tortured people to death. These were American agents torturing people to death.   I then established that the purpose of this power is to put into play a selection process, to purge every philosophical, social, and political movement by destroying the lives of individuals that are identified as having a connection to one or another. An exception is accorded to right wing groups, which might explain why the January 6th Insurrectionists were so successful: they were not on the list to be surveilled, monitored, tracked, and their lives abolished. But a peace activist would have been guaranteed to be on the list to be monitored, tracked and her life molested, and the peace movement was, indeed, molested and purged (2001- 2006). Such are the abominable forces working in the shadows of the legitimate Government (that is, they take advantage of being included in some section of the Government, with means available to operate the torture program). We know that the FBI had plans to assassinate the leaders of 'Occupy Wall Street', as they were considered to be 'left wing', and opposed, as P. Lincoln was, to the tyranny of the 'money powers'. Thus, are we to consider P. Lincoln to be a leftist? No, he knew of the vicious doctrines that operated in his time as they operate today. The purge operates by way of (1) psychological torture - the creation of unbearable stress in the targeted individual's life that leads to the destruction of their lives, despair, near- insanity, flight or suicide (the techniques of psychological stress torture put into practice was developed in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib); by (2) exposing the trageted individual to chemical toxins or to the Heat Ray (a high powered microwave weapon); and (3) the staging of car accidents and massive harrassment campains. This may seem to go far into incredulity. Therefore, since the terrorists are so adept at practicing their depraved criminality, and remain innocent in appearance, though not in reality, we cannot allow them to continue nor escape detection and punishment, anymore than we can allow Islamic terrorists to be active in our Western societies or Ransomware to wreck our life- giving systems. For the terrorists constitute a tyranny within the legitimate Government, and activate their purge in the shadows of it.  I am a direct observer (and victim) of all the claims that I have put forward in this letter. The United States of America has, within it, an abomination: a tyranny, a vicious doctrine, a torture program which they find to be normal as a child molester finds the molestation of chidren to be normal. We know that such men exist in society: but they exist as an organized group within the shadows of the legitimate Government and they torture individuals in the spaces that they inhabit - their home, workplace, where they hope to live their lives but no longer can.   We know that such a power has always existed in the United States. For example, the letter sent to Martin Luther King by the FBI, urging him to kill himself. That is, the FBI took an ideological stance, and made lists of people they wished to see dead. This ideological stance has intensified to become a torture program (2001 to present). No one will admit to it, Mr. President.  Even though things are more criminal today than in the time of President Lincoln's money powers, his remarks would never lead us to believe that America was the 'moral leader of the world'. On the contrary, on the level of integrity, Economic Sanctions (that ruin the lives of millions of innocent people) would be imposed on America, except that America would by its vile 'money powers' and 'military war- powers', which are an abomination to the world, escape all Sanctions. By its 'Military war- authority', not by its moral authority. It has none. Today, human rights, while promoted by the legitimate Government (to whatever extent they are promoted) have long been abrogated by the torture program. All narratives are falsified to serve the workings of power meant to dominate, 'to be right'. When freedom exists only as someone grants it, as if it is theirs to give or withhold, it has no reality. There is freedom until there is no freedom. As such, for many of us freedom has ceased by the activation of the selection process. No one will know, which is the purpose of Black Ops. I want history to record this truth. And they know this; and they have impeded me in a thousand ways; and tortured me to near- madness for twenty years. 
Please see: 'Signature Reduction' by 'Vigo Bruun' on Kindle ebooks. It describes most of the ways that the tyranny hidden within the Government operates. These men are debased and sadistic terrorists. They are Americans, not Islamists, not 'Putin', or whoever is to be demonized in order to be made wrong, weakened, and dominated.  The place to begin is to talk to the victims. I am ready. Mr. President.     Sincerely,
Nicolas de la Forge, Ph.D.