An Open Letter to Peyton Manning

Subject: An Open Letter to Peyton Manning
From: Jessica Epperson
Date: 11 Sep 2016

Dear Mr. Manning,
My name is Jessica Epperson. I'm a long-time fan and recently new mother. And I just want to say thank you. Thank you for not only being an outstanding football player, but for being an outstanding person. Thank you for being the kind of person I could look up to, respect and root for everyday for the paat decade of my life.
You have no idea how much you impacted my life. I have been a fan since I was about 12 years old and have rooted for you ever since. I rooted for you as a Colt six years ago when I was 15 and in the hospital having my third open heart surgery. I remember you playing and winning on Halloween that year while I was watching from my hospital bed. I rooted for you every week and wore my Manning jersey to school every week also. I rooted for you three years ago in the Superbowl against the Seattle Seahawks, whom my family loves since we're from southeast Washington, and though the Broncos lost and I never heard the end of it, I was still loyal to you. I rooted for you last year in the Superbowl with my five month old son by my side and cheered as you defeated the Panthers. And though you've since retired I will still root for you.
On Thursday, September 8th, my 21st birthday, as you presented the Lombardi trophy at the Broncos-Panthers game, I felt nothing but graditude toward you. Because of your kind, generous and upstanding personality, I will one day teach my son, who just turned one last Sunday, September 4th, to grow into a great man just like you. I'm grateful for the wonderful example you have set for not only me, but children, teens and young adults all across this country. I grew up watching you every week and seeing how charitable, likeable and hardworking you are. You've taught us all that hard work and determination can help us follow our dreams. I hope to one day see my son grow into a man as amazing as you are.
My dream would be to meet you one day, but if that doesn't happen I at least hope you see this letter. I want to thank you for the outstanding example you have been to me. I want to thank you for being the kind of person I could root for week in and week out. And I want to thank you for being someone I can teach my son to be like also. In my eyes you are the greatest quarterback of all time and an even more incredible man, so once again, thank you.

Love your loyal fan,

Jessica Epperson