An Open Letter To The People Who Don't Want To Be In My Life

Subject: An Open Letter To The People Who Don't Want To Be In My Life
From: Harleigh
Date: 6 Mar 2017
Please Go Now

Hi, I’m just going to be blunt. Leave. If you don’t wanna stay in my life, go, please, for both of us. Don’t let me get attached to you. Don’t let me put my energy into something that in the end is going to disappoint me. I can be naïve, I try and think the best in people, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. To my detriment, people like you have made me more wary of the good in this world. I only want to be surrounded by people who value and treasure my friendship as much as I treasure theirs. I know I am not perfect, I can be moody and difficult but I want the same acceptance, love, and support that it seems you give so unconditionally to everyone else and that I have given to you. And no, I don’t need it from you if it isn’t genuine. That’s my point, I have others giving it to me, I do have other people that I care about and that genuinely care about me. Doesn’t mean it will hurt me any less to figure out that I was wrong about you. So please, for both us, just go. I won’t be mad if you just decide to be honest with me. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, and I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Put your energy into a relationship you want to have. I am always happy when other people are happy, even if that happy doesn’t involve me. I will celebrate for you and with you, especially if I love you. I will also be there when shit hits the fan, because I sometimes need that person too. I am direct, almost to a fault, if you can’t handle that, you need to go. I want honesty, I give it and I expect it, and you staying just isn’t you being honest. I can be tough as nails, but I am also sensitive and people like you are the reason other people don’t know that. The wall I put up is because I am finding it increasingly difficult to trust that people have the best intentions. So please, this is me asking you, do us both a favor and go. With the best intentions I think you should start trying to be honest now, even for just your own sake, because life is too short to not be authentic.

This post is not about any one person in particular, but if you think it’s about you we might have a problem.