An Open Letter To The People With A Heart Thats To Caring

Subject: An Open Letter To The People With A Heart Thats To Caring
From: Someone Who Has One
Date: 15 Jan 2017
Caring hearg

I have an overly caring heart. Ive had people take advantage of that. Its hurt. Its been heart breaking and its made me care for people who dont deserve it. Maybe i didnt realize it at the time, but i should have noticed the signs of someone taking advantage of me. Im the friend thats there for you at 3am if you need me. Im the friend that took up for you when you were to afraid to, even when i was afraid. Im not really sure why i care so much for people or try to find the good in them, its just a gift and a curse ive always had. Ive had those friends that used me. I probably still do and just dont realize it. They were the friend that only talked to me when they needed something. Can i have a ride somewhere? Can i borrow 5 bucks? I would usually always say yes. When i stuck up for you when people talked bad about you i thought you would do the same. I never talked bad about you. Never joined in on conversations talking about about you. I stopped them. But you, you talked bad about me, many times. Then would smile at me and be my best friend. you left me like i was nothing to you. Like we had never been friends. But thats okay, i found my real friends. You feel so thankful and lucky to have someone do the things theyve done for you when you realize how cruel people can be. When i was upset who was the only person who would be there for me? Who would stick up for me when people talked behind my back? Who would stay up till 3am with me when i needed them? Who never talked bad about me, even we were in fights and even if we hadnt talked for months, youre still there for me. So in the long run, its a gift to have a caring heart. You find out who is with you and whos against you. Its a true blessing to find the person(s) out of all the people youve invested your time into that genuinely care about you as well. Yes you may be left behind by friends or ex's that didnt care for you like you did them. But one day, youll find another person, with a caring heart, that is willing to put their everything into you as you will them. So thank you, to my heart and mind for being to caring and forgiving. I'll find the most amazing and genuine people in the most unexpected times or places thanks to you.