Open Letter to Patriot Haters

Subject: Open Letter to Patriot Haters
From: Karly H.
Date: 25 Jan 2016

It’s time that you grow up and stop. You have no idea how ignorant and foolish you look trying to distort one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history. I understand that you may be upset, as some of you have the right to be. Some people find it boring that a team makes it to 6 Super Bowls in 15 years, or wins 13 divisional titles, or appear in 9 conference championship games.

The saying always goes, “haters gonna hate”.

Some of your current reasoning’s for the success of the Patriots team has hit an all-time low. Such as last year in the AFC championship game with deflatgate, to spy-gate in 2007, then in 2013 Arron Hernandez being arrested with the death of Odin Lloyd. It seems to me that I find it important to break some truth to you all. It’s time that you haters realize that no team in the NFL is without some sort of sin. Since I live in Pennsylvania, I’m surrounded by so many Pittsburgh fans, but here’s one for you all, For Example, Do you remember when Mike Tomlin, was standing in the way of a kickoff return of Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones during the 2013 season? How about the New York Giants? They had players who would intentionally fake injuries in the 2011 season to give their defense time to substitute players. Shady right? The list could go on and on and on but I frankly don’t have the time to waste to do this.
Instead of being so judgmental, appreciate the actual play on the field.

What the New England Patriots have done this century is rare, and frankly may not happen again in our lifetime. You may HATE the Patriots, but please you have to respect the success. If you actually had a brain you would think and realize that when it comes down to it, its coaching and players who win games. The 2015-2016 season was no contest to this, we didn’t play our best but we still were successful. We have won with both stacked lineups and depleted ones. The Patriots fought through injuries this entire season and still found ways to win.

The patriots have made the most with what they’ve had. Bill Belichick will go down as possibly the greatest coach ever. Brady perhaps the greatest quarterback ever. Your complaints are immature and to me are frankly comparable to an aged-school child who just lost a game of 4- square at recess. It’s childish and annoying. But please as you wish continue to make yourself look like an idiot and very foolish while you poesy around on the past. So many of you have hate towards Tom Brady, I don’t understand how you can hate a quarterback who is constantly making NFL History, and showing that he is the all-time greatest . I feel that some of you lack the understanding of appreciating ones success.
Karly – A die-heart Patriots Fan