open letter to parents

Subject: open letter to parents
Date: 22 Sep 2019

Dear Parents
I wrote this open letter urging you to monitor your children on social media. We all waste a great time every day browsing the news on all social sites. Social communication has many benefits but risks must also be considered. The new generation relies entirely on these sites to browse the latest news of celebrities and friends and form new relationships.
Monitoring the children's interactions on the communication sites is by directing them towards what is beneficial and advising them, not by a direct coercive intervention that may cause useless problems between children and parents.
In this way, parents can, through their directives, control the children, while warning against boring intimidation, which is frightening and futile, while seeking to raise these children.
Therefore, I recommend that you warn of their interaction online because there are risks to their future because some negative comments can limit the chance of acceptance at universities. For example Kyle Kashuv, he wrote about his experience in his college application, which landed him a spot at Harvard. The teenager lost his chance because of his racist and vituperative comments he had made online. Try to guide and educate your children about the dangers of the website because they will greatly affect their future and reduce the rate of admission to high universities.
My respect
Student Sawsan Al igel