An open letter to Our Customers, Printers, OEMS, Press and Print Equipment Manufacters

Subject: An open letter to Our Customers, Printers, OEMS, Press and Print Equipment Manufacters
From: DJ Burges
Date: 5 Mar 2015

As the world leader in plate imaging, robotic and optical register control, plate bending, and plate-to-cylinder-press-register, we are proud to present our CTP In-Line Automation Products. Our products and services represent countless hours of on-site analysis working with our customers, providing them with proven solutions that eliminate the challenges of implementing and integrating new CTP technology.

Through constant evaluation of our customers' needs, Burgess recognized early on that a critical element in workflow automation was missing.... "CTP and Press technology would never reach its full profit potential without systems that could manage a continuous output of plates, eliminate operator involvement, and guarantee integration of the press cylinder's register requirements with continuity of image register from the CTP device." In addition to continuity of image register, the system must accommodate and produce press-ready plates for applications using different levels of press technology, multiple press types and press register requirements. "No one printing business is the same; therefore, the system must be highly flexible in design and configuration, cost effective with measurable, profitable results."

Simply put, "For almost 30 years, Burgess products have been designed to enhance and maximize our customers' investment in technology through integration and automation, creating a process of predictable, repeatable and profitable results."

"Pure Commitment and Dedication" exemplifies the Burgess Team. Each individual takes great pride in providing our customers with high quality, leading technology; fast responsive service; and a never-ending commitment to being their "Business to Business, Low Risk, Key Supplier."

On behalf of the Burgess Team, I invite you to call 1-800-233-2589 with any product or service questions you may have for your existing or new application. Our Team of qualified Sales, Customer Service, and Technical personnel will provide you with fast responsive service and the right answers. On behalf of the Burgess Team, I thank you for your interest in Burgess Industries and for purchasing Burgess products and services.

DJ Burgess & The Burgess Team