An Open Letter to the Ones I Used to Care For

Subject: An Open Letter to the Ones I Used to Care For
From: An Old Friend
Date: 14 Jan 2019

Hello. How are you. I know you're not up to small talk with me. Because of something/s I did in the past. So I would like to take this chance to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the things I've said, sorry for the things I didn't, sorry for the friendships that ended, sorry for hurting you when I don't really mean to. Sorry for the times I wasn't there. Sorry for the times it seems I didn't care. Sorry for the hardships and heartaches I caused. Sorry for the good times we've lost. Sorry for the love that ran stale. Sorry for the times I yelled. Sorry for the times I was silent. Sorry for the times I didn't listen. Sorry for the times that stood still but it still didn't matter because of my will. Sorry for the ruckus I've caused. I promise to change it all off. Sorry for making all of you wary, for making you feel disappointed and dreary. Sorry for the times I made you cry. Sorry for the times I did something that made you sigh. Sorry for not always being there when it mattered. And I'm sorry if I chose this path over the friendship we built that I've altered. But I want you to know it's ok now. I'd like you to know of my sorrow and grief. To the ones where we were just starting off as friends, I'm also sorry. If ever we meet again. Could you promise me we could still be friends? Merry Christmas and Happy holidays my old friends. May God bless you a thousand-fold.