Open Letter To Nigeria 2015

Subject: Open Letter To Nigeria 2015
From: Grema Sulaiman Al arabi
Date: 24 Jan 2015

Good day!

I am not blaming the universal political history I am blaming the Nigerian political misery, reality has endorsed so much calamities on the masses living hopeless life full of burden and pain, seeing this occupying the society and re-generating in higher numeral number day-in day-out.

This is so unfortunate and all this damages is been brought by the so called politics by the so called politicians in society, hear me out Yesterday just died-Tomorrow never cried don’t be deceived, am not compensating you the spiritual youth but I am only in essence saying nobody gives you a chance you’ve got to take chances, don’t stand still because they are not still, This gorillas in suite, hidden in their political suite, the anti-humanities selfish greedy hags of zero resolution, no cowards you are a goddess my lady’ you can cross this river because you are already half way gone through it, master this gorillas are in suits’ you got to get of rid of them, they are in gang of people deceiving people (PDP) and they are ruling on high level with poor grade, I am sorry I am been official but this time around am limited with high limits, the future is born ,the past is in the casket, and as you know death is phenomenal.

Poor political leadership in Nigeria took the lives of 13,000 people in a week like you know under selfish political hags, drown in their dirty political suite, the gorillas in suits if you remember, melted under cold air at the midst of surrounded bricks practicing crazy demo in their crazy limo’s. Yes am been social because I am been beneficial, less appetite for disaster because the we youth have been cheated on, lied upon and stole from, it’s so sad for long I have been with so many people, trying to explain and make them see reason, yet they seems not to recover, change is the only way one can overcome a doom, to change is a personal duty but to be changed is congregational duty remember. Nigeria is the 7th world most populous country covering with about 180million lives and economical worth a GDP of $510 billion leading as the continent largest economy symbol, if am not mistaken mother of west Africa and the giant of Africa, the destiny of Nigeria is a destiny of 180 million people and one soul out of 180 million is not liable to play the dice of it future, by tarnishing Nigeria you are only tarnishing your family web, many like you were before you present and they are gone, many like you will be present and they will be gone, so take care ‘care shouldn’t take you, when age permit you try as much as you can to permit the rights.

I suggest I’m much more than a good speech, this is for my nationality not indigeneity; I am not bias, I am a northerner who values every angle of the world, the east, west, south and north, To the GCFR of the republic I think my freedom of speech bill is been signed hereby I recommend you to take note of the side mirrors when the engine is on, driving Nigeria is unlike a receptionist on duty and the precaution to avoid accident is maintenance and caution have to be ensured and to make it branded in every season with a new record is to let another driver drive to see who drove well, and moreover when you realize it’s not your type, let the recommended user take part, it’s of season not inheritance don’t be long gone.

To politicians Gorillas in suits looters war petites, the spiritual troops fighting over the mythical truth drowning in the political soup shooting missiles and nukes taking out such a pivotal group the body count is the physical proof and they bought and thought drugs were killing the youth ,heaven sent blessing.
To the youth you’ve been official and you’ve been beneficial, you the lawyers to the kids and to the olds, you are the voice for the voiceless, and this time around you’ve got to be the change you want to see in Nigeria by voting in the perfect choice for change by not been deceived by people deceiving people and lastly….Instead of pledge we pray!
Thank you…
Grema Sulaiman Al arabi.
(Human right” Activist” political analyst
[email protected]_arab