An Open Letter To Nick Wiley, Executive Director of FWC

Subject: An Open Letter To Nick Wiley, Executive Director of FWC
From: Debbie Rhodes
Date: 3 Jun 2016

I'm really unhappy with the spin you and others are putting on the bears.

In your recent article in the Orlando Sentinel, you did not even expose that you are the executive director of FWC.

I know there are a lot of people who do not keep up with the issues with the bears and only know what they see on tv and read in newspapers.

You were remiss in stating that irresponsible people continue to be the number one problem with bears. Instead you opted to make it look like bears are attacking people with wild abandon. Just as Marion Hammer with the NRA did when she
said that the bears are "terrorizing neighborhoods!"

This kind of misinformation is downright lying and creating exactly what you are aiming for. Justification for another hunt.
It sickens me.

I'm sure I can find many comments by your people as well as others who know our bears are timid and only attack when provoked and usually that is a mother with cubs.

The false number of the bear count continues to be cited. Why lie? Oh, of course, I know, to JUSTIFY THE HUNT!

No wonder the activists are outraged! You will never have our support and we will fight for as long as we have to in order to stop these lies and the senseless killing of our bears.


Debbie Rhodes
Orlando, Fl