An Open Letter To Newcastle United from A Worried Fan

Subject: An Open Letter To Newcastle United from A Worried Fan
From: A Worried Fan
Date: 16 Sep 2015

Being a Geordie I've come to expect disappointment when it comes to watching my local team. In fact their ups and downs throughout the years have made me wonder how some fans can loyally and willingly invest their money in a team that continues to disappoint on a regular basis.

Of course this season is no different as Newcastle appear to have gotten off to their worst ever start. But why has it been so poor? They've always managed to make do thus far...

The general consensus is that Cisse really isn't the saviour a lot of people are making him out to be! Shearer stated that it would have been better to have had 10 men rather than a team with Cisse in and I think he was entirely correct.

I noticed it last season too and Newcastle seemingly love to place all their trust and desires in players who we frequently wonder about how they even became professionals in the first place. Titus Bramble was a prime example of this! It breaks my heart to consider the amount he would've been getting paid to do a shambles of a job on a weekly basis.

There is also the idea that Newcastle fans love a player who gives their all on the pitch, and whilst it is admirable for the likes of local lad Colback to do so, usually passion isn't an adequate replacement for talent.

I'm not sure how the optimistic fans out there will be trying to interpret the opening of the season but I'm finding it particularly worrying and I don't think the likes of Mclaren are going to be able to do anything to turn it around...I'm still shaking my head at his radio station blunder where he pretended he could speak Dutch.

My only advise is that Newcastle focus on a defensive game and look to counter attack, the style Chelsea often play. It might not be exciting but they don't seemingly have the talent to do anything else. One thing is for sure and it is that this will be a test of their manager's "skills".