Open Letter to my U.S. Senators

Subject: Open Letter to my U.S. Senators
Date: 10 Dec 2018

Open Letter to Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters

Senator Stabenow and Senator Peters,
Although common in teens, our older generations are just as guilty of texting and driving. As a teenager, we are blamed a majority of the time for dangerous driving, and I am writing this to help prevent this stigma and to prevent the loss of others from fatal car accidents due to distracted driving. Texting and driving is not a “Skill” in which we learn and can become a professional at. It is something that is very dangerous, not only to those who are behind the wheel attempting it, but also those who are behind the wheel following the laws and doing nothing wrong. Texting and driving is dangerous at any age, therefore a stricter punishment should be put into place to help eliminate some of this distracted driving.
Texting and driving is taking the life of innocent people. There is enough to worry about while driving and the one thing that should be the least of our worries is being involved in an accident with someone that is glued to their phones while behind that wheel. Everyday, lives are taken because of this, and it is pivotal that it stops. It could be the person that is doing the action or someone that is following the law. It is every parent's worst fear watching their child get into a car, not because they don’t trust them driving but the other drivers who they don’t trust. Receiving that phone called of their child being dead due to a car crash is something a parent should never have to experience because this action is optional and can be prevented with a stricter punishment for distracted drivers.
Although creating a stricter punishment is a challenge, it's a challenge that should strongly consider do to the amount of accident and injuries this one small act has created. Having a bill introduced to the legislature to create a special police task force looking out for this type of action could reduce that action majorly. Having the police actively looking for this action or just being out and being more active in general will open the eyes to them about how dangerous this really has become. I also believe there should be stiffer penalties for drivers caught on there cell phones. Habitual offenders should receive license restrictions and require classes or community service to discourage this action and educate them about the real risks of distracted driving. This action should be treated like drinking and driving, in the end the consequences they could cause are the exact same. On major drinking days, like that day before thanksgiving, all of them are on active duty, and I believe there should be a task force specializing in distracted driving and a bill needs to be introduced in order to accomplish this.