An Open Letter to my Toxic (Ex)Best Friend

Subject: An Open Letter to my Toxic (Ex)Best Friend
From: Someone who stayed way too long
Date: 17 Sep 2018

You walked up to me today. 3 months after I blocked you on every social media platform and my phone, you actually walked up to me and asked me "Why?". You claimed that if you had decided to stop being friends with me, out of respect for our 8 year friendship, you would have at least told me why. You want to know why I can't be your friend anymore...Here it is. You hurt me. You emotionally abused me. Your narcissism really took a toll on our friendship. You are toxic and we are incompatible as friends. You never take responsibility for your mistakes. You always play the victim. I could no longer just stand there and let you ruin your own life and the lives of those around you. So I eliminated myself from your life. I didn't want to argue about it. You are not worth my time. I have better things to do. You are petty and I'm sure you'll figure out how to get your "revenge" but you don't scare me. I know you too well to be scared. We always joked around about how we walk the line between being "two sides of the same coin" and being "as similar as oil and water". I have finally come to a conclusion. We are so different. I refuse to stoop to your level. After years of people asking how I could possibly be friends with someone like you, I am done defending you. Feel free to make all your mistakes but I will not be there to help you pick yourself up anymore. I don't owe you an explanation but if you ever read this then I guess you have one. I hope that rotating door of "friends" you have works out for you. I hope one day you grow up. Most of all, I hope you get what you deserve.