An Open letter to my Teammates

Subject: An Open letter to my Teammates
From: Alyssa Ann
Date: 15 Mar 2016

To my amazing teammates,

To the people who know me at my best, my worse and everything in between. To the people that are always there for support no matter what the situation is.

It never resists to surprise me how amazing it is that a group of people can change your whole life, no matter how big or small that it is. How much impact that you can have on a single person from the way that they live, to the new experiences that they have and most importantly the attitudes that they have towards different situations. You all are the ones that have changed my life and have never left me no matter the mistakes that I have made.

I could write so much about you all, how you have made an impact on me and those that have surrounded you. From the way that you care about me and the people that I am talking to, to my grades in the classroom to me reaching my goals both on and off the field (or in my case course). Your there to pick me up after a tough day, when I am at my lowest points, help me when I am sick and above all just to check in and make sure that everything is okay. You are there when I need help going to the doctors, getting a ride to the airport or buying ice cream at midnight.

You have all believed in me and everything that I am trying to do, even when I didn’t believe in myself. You have listened to my problems and the things that are going on and have rallied behind me when it was necessary. You got my back, I know that if someone did something to me that they better watch out because I have a whole team that will be coming after them.

You know how to make me smile, my quirks that I have that make me attempt to do my best. Y’all can tell in a minute when something isn’t right and know when to make a joke to avoid a mental breakdown. And are always there to play the good songs when it is needed. You make me laugh after workouts while we are stretching out.

Most of all you understand what I am going through, the ups and downs of being a student athlete, of juggling so many different things. The stress that it has and the want to be successful. I know that you are all putting in 100% which makes me want to do the same, you make me better even though you don’t know it.

You fill my life with happiness and love that I never knew could come from being on a team. I know that no matter what I always want to be apart of this team and be apart of everything that we can do together.

Its true that we don’t always get along, and that we have a rough time. We don’t have everything in common. We come from different backgrounds and may not always see eye to eye. But that all doesn’t always matter, because at the end of the day we are a team and are all on the same side.

I am internally grateful for everything that you have ever done for me. Because without you all I don’t know where I would be, I don’t know how I could live so far away from home without the support of each and everyone of you. You are all more than just a teammate to me, you are a dear friend and most of all the sisters that I never knew that I really had until now. Above all we are a family.