Open letter to my Step-daughter..

Subject: Open letter to my Step-daughter..
From: Your Step-mother
Date: 15 Mar 2016

Since the day I met you, you have always held a special place in my heart that no one will ever be able to replace. From that short blonde hair that blew in the wind as you ran down the side walk with your ice cream chalk, to the dance parties we have in our living room; all those things make me love you even more. I never expected for your father and I to start a relationship let alone marry each other, but what I did know is that I wanted you in my life for the rest of my life. At the beginning it wasn't that easy, you didn't care for me and I understood why. You didn't want me with you daddy and you made that know. For such a little girl you knew exactly what was going on. You had feelings and you knew they were normal. Lillian I will never hold any of those feelings against you. I too, once was, that little girl who was confused why their parent was with someone else. I knew you were confused and I didn't expect you to understand. The only thing I could do is to be the best role model and step-mom I could possibly be. To show you right from wrong and to guide you mentally, spiritually, and physically. The day that your father chose to bring me into your life, is the day that I made a vow to love you unconditionally. To forever be your "safe zone". You and I both know I am and never will try to replace your mother. Although I did not give birth to you, you're MY CHILD. I love you more than words can describe and nothing will ever change that. I can't wait to look at you when you grow into that smart, beautiful soul that I know you'll become. On that day my heart will smile because I will know that I had part in making and molding you into that. My heart will smile like it did the day I first laid eyes on you.

I love you Lillian Izabell Scheuer
and Always