An Open Letter to My Rapist

Subject: An Open Letter to My Rapist
From: No Longer Your Sex Slave
Date: 29 Jan 2016

Dear Ms. MacNeil,
I am no longer your sex slave. I am also no longer going to bend to your whim. I may have removed the no contact order as you requested but that does not mean I am still yours to control. That is the last thing I will ever do for you.

HCC, the college we went to together is now advising us both to get joint counselling together instead of doing something about the fact that you RAPED me! Would you look at that, another college that likes to play games and blame the survivor for what happened to them. I am not surprised though honestly. It is a government institution we are talking about here. They get away with anything and everything.

I am beyond livid that the person who investigated the claim I made is a very good friend of yours. We both knew before the investigation even started that the outcome would always be in your favor.

The best part of this (insert sarcasm here) is that I now have the joy and pleasure of raising your children, conceived between us during our sexual encounter. How grand!

I am also beyond thrilled (more sarcasm) that now while you're partying it up with your friends I am dealing with severe PTSD, flashbacks and night terrors. I now cannot eat, sleep or take care of myself in any way anymore.

Even more so I a so so grateful (sarcasm) that now I am required to see you at school every SINGLE day and am not allowed to transfer because I do not have enough credits to do so!
The school did nothing, the police have done nothing and you get off free with no damage done to you at all. Brava!

I am truly impressed with your lying manipulative behavior. It is nice to know what our 2 YEAR friendship meant to you. Absolutely nothing! Thank you for showing me the true meaning of the word scum. I never knew what it looked like until I met you. I am glad that I am done with you Kaylin. I am glad that I am done with you for good and forever. Thank god I learned sooner than later what a horrible human being you are. It is a relief to know that I am now free of you for good.

No Longer Your Sex Slave