Open Letter To My Mother Figure

Subject: Open Letter To My Mother Figure
From: Kara Caldwell
Date: 25 Apr 2018

You're familiar with my strengths and weaknesses, and you always encourage me to pursue them. You're honest with me. And you know the difference between the times when I need you to be straight forward with me and the times when I need a delicate reminder to get it together. You never hesitate to call me out when I need a little attitude adjustment, and you never let me get down on myself without a little word of encouragement. But that's only one of the ways you make me a better version of myself. When I'm feeling unconfident, you are quick to remind me of my strengths, and very quickly you pull me out of my pity parties.

You offer me a safe place to come to when I'm struggling and don't know where to turn. You scold me, sure, if that's what I need-- I mean you are still a "mom" figure in my life, but you are also gentle and compassionate when I need nurturing, just like my mother would. You are the woman who built me up, who kept me strong, who took my mother's place since she isn't here anymore. Who has always love me as if I was one of your own, and some days make me really believe I am.

One of my favorite things about you is that you say what's on your mind. You're blunt, and anyone who knows you knows this about you. And although it may have hurt my feelings once or twice, I needed your honesty. No one gets anywhere in life by being babied, and I sure as hell don't want to be oblivious to my shortcomings.

Your hugs bring a comfort that I can't find anywhere else, sharing painful stories of your past with me and encouraging me with an arm over my shoulders. You are the woman with kind eyes and a strong heart, a laugh that lights up a room, and a smile that comforts me in my darkest moments.

Thank you for being you. Every single ounce of who you are, you have brought joy and comfort and fun to my life. You have made average days more enjoyable and bad days better. You are my rock, constantly and steadily supporting me no matter what, and without you I would crumble. You'll truly never know how much I appreciate you.