Open Letter to My Montero Sport

Subject: Open Letter to My Montero Sport
From: Cassidy
Date: 5 May 2015

Dear Monty,

I know this isn’t the best way to end things, and I know that you probably don’t want to break up at all. But this can’t be a surprise. When we got into this relationship 11 years ago you and I both knew it wasn’t going to last forever. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

Remember last summer when we were stranded on I-35 because your radiator cracked, the smoke rising and the fluids flying? It was the middle of the night, and while we waited on the side of the road for a tow truck to pick us up I had some time to think about our relationship. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted out.

The last year has been very difficult on both of us. You’ve required thousands of dollars of repairs, guzzled gas at an alarming rate, and the quiet, peaceful demeanor you’re known for has all but disappeared. Relationships take two, and I’ll carry my share of responsibility for the disintegration of ours. You need new tires and I haven’t provided them, and we both know you can’t just fix your struts yourself. In my defense, I didn’t even know struts were a thing until we went and saw that mechanic. But ask yourself, if you were in my shoes, would you have continued to pour your money, time and energy into a relationship that is clearly over?

I know it feels like you were just traded in for something newer and shinier. To some extent this is true, but you can take me at my word when I say that I am truly going to miss you. Think of this as an opportunity for you. You deserve to be with someone who has a better understanding of how vehicles work, someone who has the time and money to give you what you need.

I’m going to walk away from this with memories of the good times. Like the time I finally kissed that guy I liked in your front seat. And then again in your back seat. Actually, I kissed a lot of guys in your seats. One of my favorite memories will be singing along together, you playing the songs and me butchering the lyrics. No matter how off key I was, or how loud I sang, you always just kept playing. I will cherish those moments forever. Remember when we hit 100,000 miles on our way home from Big Bend? I’d never gone that far with a car before, you were my first. They say you never forget your first and I think it’s true. Those nights sleeping together under the stars of the big west Texas sky were some of the best nights of my life and I will carry them in my soul forever. Honestly.

You probably overheard my conversation with that guy at the dealership. I’m sure listening to him say that you’re not fit for the retail lot, and are going straight to auction, was difficult. I never meant for you to hear that and I’m truly sorry if it hurt you.

It’s so much harder to walk away from you than I thought it would be. For the last 116,000 miles you’ve carried me everywhere I needed to go. But now it’s time for us to end our journey together and each take our own path in life. Monty, thank you for being such a great car. I hope you find a road that will take you where your heart wants to go.

All my love,