An Open Letter to my Mom on Her Birthday

Subject: An Open Letter to my Mom on Her Birthday
From: Allie Lawn
Date: 10 Jan 2018

I've put off writing this for a while. Partly, because I have the attention span of a goldfish, but mostly because I couldn't even begin to put into words how much you mean to me. How could I possibly sum up 24 years of unconditional love and constant support in a few paragraphs? I guess I'll give it a try..
You know, one thing I've learned to be true in this life is that parenthood is certainly not for everyone. There are so many people who should 100% just not be responsible for another human. In the wise words of Lorelai Gilmore, "Mr. and Mrs. Hitler for example. The Bin Ladens could have watched TV that night. Richard and Emily might have taken a pass at procreating." But, another thing I know to be true is that you were put on this Earth to be a Mother. It is not lost on me how incredibly lucky I am to have you as not only my Mom, but one of the greatest role models and friends I could have ever asked for.
When I think back on my childhood I remember all the fun we had together. Whether it was days spent at the Discovery Museum, watching movies that I'm probably still too young for, (ie Austin Powers and the Ringer) or even tagging along as you grocery shopped at SAMs Club, looking at all the VHS' and savagely eating all the free samples. We never had much, but we never went without. Back then I'm sure I didn't realize it, but those were the greatest days of my life.
When it comes down to it, I know why you're such a great Mom, it's because your Mom was just as fantastic. As we move forward with our lives without Mommom, take comfort in knowing that she was SO proud of you. You're everything that’s good in this world and it's because you had a true angel on Earth to look up to.
There will never be a day that I'm not proud to be your daughter. You've taught me lessons that will carry me through life. Anything good about me is a direct result of your guidance. From you I've learned that race, religion, sexual orientation or gender isn't what makes a person, and that judging others based on anything but their personality is unacceptable. You never let me forget that treating others with kindness is the most important thing in life. In addition to those life lessons, you also never let me forget that Bruce Springsteen is the one and only boss, Alexander Hamilton is the hottest Founding Father, and Donald Trump will always be an asshole.
To wrap things up, I'd just like to say thank you. You make me want to be a better person everyday. I hope that when I'm 60 that I'm at least half the woman that you are. Happy birthday, Mom! I love you the morest!<3
Love always, Allie Rose