An Open letter to my friends who are suicidal

Subject: An Open letter to my friends who are suicidal
From: Francisco Bermudez
Date: 21 Nov 2016

Lives are ended everyday some taken by those around them, but others taken by themselves. In this letter I want to present to you why it isn’t worth it. Why your life can be meaningful to Family, friends, and me. We all deeply care for you, and your life’s disappearance would leave emptiness in the all of our hearts.

You seem to not know the importance you show to us, you fail to realize that we care, and you ignore the fact it’s displayed every day. What use will suicide have for you? Will it have a quick solution to a never ending problem, will you gain relief from this? Have you ever thought of how this will affect us? Your family will always be there for you, but you don’t seek their help. While water is essential to life your life is the key to our happiness. Family will be the only ones who can truly connect with you, yet you don’t care to wonder how much pain will inflicted upon them. We all love you, and we all care for you, and no one else will feel this way about you but us. Your life is the key to your family’s happiness.

Your presence shines all over resembling the sun itself. That’s how deeply we feel about you, and we want you to stay with us. Your importance to us resembles the vastness of space. In the same way oxygen is essential for life your life is essential for our happiness. You are the very thing that makes life enjoyable for others. Without you realizing it you’re the reason why half of us truly enjoy life the way it is. You couldn’t be more important to us, we just feel this way about you, and you should know this. I just can’t handle the fact that you’d think of suicide. Why would you want to die knowing there are those who love you more than those who hate you? In the same way a heart is necessary for life your life is necessary for the enjoyment of each other.

To me you are more than just a friend. You truly are a part of my life, and I want it to stay that way. Without you my happiness couldn’t be higher than it is now. You are the reason why I enjoy every day of my life. If someone tells you that you aren’t just listen to me. You are worth it, you are important, and you should stick with me. I never value anything more than our friendship. Why? I do this because without this friendship I wouldn’t be happy, and I wouldn’t be able to say I have someone this wonderful in my life. Friendship isn’t just something that unites us, and calls us friends. It is what has kept me intact, and what made every experience with you enjoyable. If you end up disappearing on me what will become of me. What will become of the bond we call friendship. A wound will be created due to the pain it would cause me.

Truly this loss can inflict many wounds on not just family, but those around them. Nothing will be gained from this, but rather loss itself. If there were anyone to tell suicide isn’t worth it, it would have to be you. I just want to remind you of the amount of care I show, and will continue to show for you. A life can be shortened faster than it can be lengthened.