Open Letter to My Friends Who Accidentally Bump and Don't Apologize

Subject: Open Letter to My Friends Who Accidentally Bump and Don't Apologize
From: Schneider
Date: 21 Nov 2016

What if an individual bumped into another individual? The substantial subject here is the reason behind such an action. In the same light some exceptions to such to such a situation. Moreover the possible scientific reason. In the same manner there is some exceptional cases for such a situation.
Primarily the situation of an individual bumping into another individual is merely on mild inconvenience. Mild because it is not on purpose. Mild due to it being a simple situation. Mild for the sole reason of not resulting in anything serious of hazardous environmental elements. Furthermore such an action might result in slight discomfort, however it is not acted upon intentionally. In addition the environment is an objective based academic environment. Which results in the situation of accidentally bumping into another individual as a coincidental occurrence. Further explanation is the bumping situation is that of a situation with a mere understandable proportions. Further demonstration is the exceptions to such a simple situation.
Exceptions comes into the spotlight of such a simple situation by it containing the factors of speed, focus, clarity, mindset, navigation, environmental elements. Furthermore speed is a dire factor by it judging the motion of an individual and dictating a ripple effect on other elements of movement. Likewise the mindset is the way an individual perceives the environment given, which is composed of various elements. In the same light choosing a psychological vocal structure can reduce any misunderstanding between individuals communicative emotional spheres, for example, choosing a psychological emotional vocal structure will drastically reduce a mild inconvenience. Coupled with the navigation of an individual due to the majority of communication being composed of psychological elements, which is due to the primary reason of psychology allowing enhanced decision making, enhanced maneuvering, enhanced movement, enhanced environmental awareness, enhanced perception of information. In addition the previous statement environmental factors play a key role in determining the occurrence of such a mild inconvenience. Moreover the environmental factors are based on an individual's actions towards them. Correspondingly the environmental elements regarding an individual’s point of view can be prioritized by category such as communication perception, psychological communicative identification, psychologically shifting thoughts into verbal and physical actions, acting upon the most well suited action. Primarily communication perception is the input of information and processing the given information from a psychological perspective. Equally important psychological communication identification is the analysis of the given data and organizing it into vocal structures and communication channels and psychological interpretation. By the same token psychologically shifting thoughts into verbal and physical actions is substantial regarding the manner and method to deal with a situation. Correspondingly acting upon the most well suited action is is an essential action regarding the reaction to a situation by it being the output with the most practical action or actions in terms of background history of applicability and feasibility and functionality. Furthermore this process creates a fluent manner to express a positive manner to deal with such a simple coincidence. Moreover this is viewed as a solid manner to improve environmental factors perception by an individual, for example, the individuals can empower his perception to avoid such a mild inconvenience.
In conclusion this displays a power source for an individual, which is realizing the perception of their environment and the manner it can improve avoiding such a simple coincidence. Likewise the way it can prevent a simple coincidence - a simple communicative situation, simple psychological misunderstanding, simple psychological emotional inconvenience. Moreover this will result in effective avoidance of simple situation. This given such information regarding psychological, psychological emotional, communicative parts of a simple situation, the mindset towards this situation will forever be changing.