An open letter to my ex bestfriend

Subject: An open letter to my ex bestfriend
From: MissHell
Date: 18 Nov 2018

To my ex best friend: I just want to say you are amazing and love every ounce of you and you should love every ounce of yourself too . I have been lucky to have a friend like you and click in some way that we did. I will always be here and I hope you know how much I do care about you . You are great and will do so. Do not let your family or new family tear you down. You are stronger than that . You are a little bird that needs to open her wings and fly so you can do what you need. You will be strong and happy some day. Family is forever so make the best of it. Do not put yourself in situations that put you down. Make yourself feel better. Find the good things in life and don’t let them slip. You are good. You will achieve all the things in life that you wish for. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind . Don’t be afraid to ask , never hold back you will never know the outcome. Life is for exploring chapters and experimenting , hence why you only get one. Live it. You will be amazing in the future with a happy life. Never hold back. If I teach you anything it’s to give the most that you can , keep things to yourself but let most out, always say what your thinking and don’t hold it down. The best is to come. Life is up and down ; but you just have to climb there. You will never fall . Thank you for great times and laughs and sharing cries . I appreciate everything. Im always your friend even if you are not mine. Im here. You are wonderful. Be your best self .

As always , wishing you the best.

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