An open letter. To my ex best friend

Subject: An open letter. To my ex best friend
Date: 27 Nov 2017

Hey, Boo. It’s weird I can’t call you that anymore. I miss you like crazy, I want to hate you but I can’t. It really hurt when you abandoned me. But it hurt worse when you pretended to care only to turn around and relay everything I said to him.

I’ll probably never talk to you again and that really sucks. Remember our plan to finally meet in person next year? I do. What about building houses right next to each other and raising our families together? Those dreams were just fantasy.

I miss us staying up hella late and talking about anything. Or watching our shows together. Did you hear about The L Word coming back? All I wanted to do was text you freaking out about it. But I stopped myself.

I’m sorry for what was said and I’m sorry if I’m the reason you chose his side. I know I’m a terrible person and I probably deserved it. I’m just so confused. When did you become friends with him again? I was under the impression that you hated him. You said you would always be there for me no matter what I did. So I did what was best for me and you left. I just don’t understand.

I’m probably never going to get my answers and I’m slowly coming to terms with that. I spent the whole night crying thinking about all the good times we had. But that’s the past and I need to look into things future.

I guess this is my way of saying goodbye. I never thought you’d be someone I miss. I never thought I wouldn’t be able to turn to you. But shit happens. So goodbye, boo. I love you forever. I miss you.