An open letter to my daughters bio mother

Subject: An open letter to my daughters bio mother
From: Her mommy
Date: 12 May 2017

Dear BM,
You have hurt my daughter so many times, from using her as a pawn, to letting terrible people into her life, to abandoning her. You constantly run your mouth about me, but you have no right! I've been loving your daughter since she was 2 years old and the sad thing is I've been involved in her life longer than you have now. I wanted to tell you, YOU are missing out. You thought when you had to take care of her you were missing out on partying so you pawned her off on your parents refusing to give us rights, but you were wrong. You are missing out now, on all the amazing things that MY daughter is. And I'm sad for her, I'm sad that she wishes you wanted her. I'm sad that she cries and asks why you don't like her. I'm sad that no matter how shitty of a person you are toward her she still loves you and wants your approval. But I am so happy I got blessed with such an incredible little human being. I am so happy that I get to show her that she is not the problem (fyi you are). I am so happy that i get to teach her and mold her to be anything she wants to be. And I am so incredibly happy that she has started calling me mom, not to hurt you (because I do remind her you are still her mother) but because I've been her mom this whole time and now I know that she realizes that family has nothing to do with DNA. So thank you, thank you so much for giving me my first daughter, the one that didn't grow under my heart but grew in it.
The step-mommy