Open letter to my best friend who passed from Heroin

Subject: Open letter to my best friend who passed from Heroin
From: Kirstie Montague
Date: 22 Sep 2017

Dear Kristin,

I keep hearing that phone call from (her) mom over and over in my head. "She's gone" was all I heard, through her moms cries. I remember falling over in my chair and screaming at 6:15AM. I didn't care if I woke the kids up. I didn't care about anything. All I could think is this has to be a nightmare. It cant be true.

We grew up together. We did everything and talked about everything together. I was with you when your water broke at Wal-Mart before you had your daughter. You even offered me at 16 to come watch her be born but, I was scared to be in there. Now all I have are these wonderful memories of you, to live with.

Losing a best friend that's more like a sister is like no other death. My grandparents and father have passed away but they did not effect me the way your death has. We kind of expect older people to pass, not someone our own age. Someone so young and full of life.

The last 6 years have been an emotional rollercoaster for you, myself, and your family. It started with pills and legal trouble and ended with heroin. I remember picking you up from jail and taking you to rehab with hopes that was the end of the addiction. I watched you get baptized at the rehab center and I just knew it would be uphill from there. You were home and clean for about a year a half before you took off again. I begged and pleaded for you to go home. One day, you said you were ready to go home. I was literally at work crying tears of joy. This pattern was a never ending cycle, until the day of your death. The judge gave you house arrest instead of a prison sentence and we were all relieved. We got to have you around and just knew you'd be safer at home than in prison. Unfortunately, you found a way to get the drug and it ended your life.

I made a promise to you the last time you ran, that I would always be there for your daughter and always remind her how amazing you truly were. How you could light up a room just by smiling and all the other good memories I have of you.

This is for anyone dealing with addiction. There are resources out there. Don't think the next time you use, wont be your last cause i'm sure she didn't plan for that to happen. You have to want the change for yourself. We are losing too many people to this drug.The heroin epidemic has to end.

I will forever love you and will always cherish our memories. Im selfish to say I want you back cause I know your happier in heaven. I will be happy to see you again one day.