An Open Letter To My Best friend that I love but cannot be with

Subject: An Open Letter To My Best friend that I love but cannot be with
From: Your Best Friend
Date: 11 Dec 2016

Dear Best Friend,
We all have that one person..the one that makes you laugh..that you would defend to the end of the Earth..That we just feel incomplete without their presence in our lives. For me that someone is you..Sometimes for one reason or were better as of you is taken or both of you are taken..or even your friend has passed away for whatever reason you just can't be with them in that way..Back to my point..When you feel so much love in your heart for someone as I do for you then you have to wonder why can't things work. Why is it awkward in a relationship? Why did he have to die or move away? Why did she have to get married? These are the questions that have no easily defined answer. Things are so simple with you.. I don't have to be anyone but myself..I don't have to impress you..because you have known me for years and have seen my every flaw.. We have so much fun together..we laugh and we talk about everything.. I want you to know something best friend..Despite the fact we weren't meant to be together we were still meant to be.. Meant to be best friends for as long as god allows us to be on this Earth. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always defend you. You will always be a priority. You will always be special to me. The things that are important to you will matter to me. Because I will always love you. My best friend you will always be.