Open letter to Mr. Ross

Subject: Open letter to Mr. Ross
From: Kenny Simpson
Date: 10 Mar 2015

Mr. Ross,

I wanted to take the time to write you about my favorite team for the past 34 years (as I am 34 years old). I wanted to thank you for spending any amount of money you feel needed to give us a chance to be competitive. I like how you have given our GM and Head Coach the green light to spend whatever is needed to make our team competitive. I also understand you have brought in several great advisers to our team (I love the move to get Dan Marino back in the fold).

Watching the game yesterday, I saw a team that was prepared to play. Squeezed every drop of potential from their players and would have done anything to win for their coach. Unfortunately, it was the Jets. On our side I saw guys either quit or get pulled because they quit playing hard. I saw a locker room in a mess. I saw players that had cashed it in on defense. I saw (in my opinion) an elite QB fighting to the end with a handful of guys playing their guts out, but several having lost confidence in our coach.

All that being said, I am worried we have a problem with our franchise. While I admire your loyalty to guys that want to do well for our team, I feel you may not be seeing what the average Dolphin fan (me) sees. While, I respect Joe Philbin as a person, I feel a change is needed. I love hearing his personal story, how he has overcome quite a bit in his life. He is the definition of a guy that is prepared, works hard and comes to work with a plan of action. It has become painfully obvious that he does not have the skills to motivate and work with today's NFL players.

What I fear is we will see another year of no hope as we now have a lame-duck coach, who has lost most in his locker room, in the same mold as we watched Tony Sparano. That season did not go very well, and I am worried this season will not either.

While I feel we do have several important pieces to the puzzle of becoming successful in the NFL, we will not get to the next level until we are able to have a dynamic leader at the top. While I think Coach Philbin is a great dependable man, I think we both no the word "dynamic" does not apply here.

If we decide to keep Coach Philbin (which I think you have already decided), I will continue to support the team. I just wanted to warn you to get used to the stadium being half-full as it was the past 2 weeks, since I feel the general mood in Dolphinville is one of depression moving forward.

Thank you,

Kenny Simpson