An Open Letter to Mr Modi, the Prime Minister of India

Subject: An Open Letter to Mr Modi, the Prime Minister of India
Date: 3 Jun 2014
Mr Modi

Dear Sir,

This is regarding the internal security of what is called as "Bharatmata" by every citizen of this country!!

You said and it is evident that you respect and love this country as "Mother" and everyone including you and me call it as "Bharatmata"! Now, one question: who is the "Bharatmata"? Is it this soil or this air which flows in this country? I believe, it is every citizen, every human of this country. Every mother, every sister and and every daughter too!! But, what is happening to "Bharatmata" now? You are the PM. Aren't you aware that since quite a long, some rascals, some scoundrels have been doing the MOST HEINOUS SIN - "RAPE"? Those 6 years, 14 years, 15 years, 22 years victims are not the part of "Bharatmata"? Why there are no tears in the eyes of PM for this? Why this country is not crying? You are the Prime Minister of the Republic of India! Why silent??? Why those rascals still out?

Mr. Modi, HANG THESE RASCALS!! The mother who has given birth to you, me and everyone around was also a sister and daughter. IS THERE ANYBODY TO UNDERSTAND THIS AND ACT?? These rascals will be scared tomorrow if you hang them today! You are also a son, na? Can you understand the pain? If yes, then HANG THEM!

HANG THEM because that's the justice, HANG THEM because Constitution says Satyamev Jayate, HANG THEM because you can't look into eyes of that 6 years old child and give any excuse, HANG THEM because daughters and sisters of this nation ask you!

Question for all: Mother who gave birth to these humans was also a woman, na? She gave birth to humans only. How they became beasts?

"Where worshiped the women, there dwell the Gods!"