An Open Letter to Mr. John Walsh Producer of The Hunt

Subject: An Open Letter to Mr. John Walsh Producer of The Hunt
From: Dr. Edward Freeman
Date: 3 Aug 2014

My name is Dr. Edward Freeman. I am a philosopher and antifascist (the latter, by extension, makes me an anticommunist as well). I write this because someone has to. And if not a philosopher, then who? With this, I want you to know that there are some of us in this land of the free who are fully aware of what you really are – a fascist through-and-through, albeit of a closet variety. I say this not because of your penchant for black leather garbs, your tendency to wallow in your self-righteous moralizing, your morbid obsession with the conception of manhunt, though these certainly are some of the outward manifestations of a fascist nature, but because I have good grounds for believing this to be the case.
You proclaim that you believe in the presumption of innocence (Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on the one who denies)). You lie. Here is direct evidences for my claim taken from your slot on CNN website: “The crime: Suspected child molester”; “The crime: Accused of organizing the transport of illegal immigrants,” “The crime: Wanted for DUI manslaughter.” Since when has being accused and/or being a suspect become a crime in this country? This is redolent of Nazi Germany and the USSR practices where indeed being accused always meant being guilty. I have lived under one of those jurisdictions; I know – there is not much of iuris (law) there and plenty of dicere (declaration).
You preach law and order, but your feverish push for draconian surveillance laws clearly indicates that, being a ‘good’ fascist, all you care about is the order part of the conjunction; order as you and your kind envision it, that is. There is no doubt in my mind that if it were up to you, you would waste no time in having the entire country in an all-encompassing web of surveillance; all of us: convicted criminals, the merely accused, and law-abiding citizens alike. With you and your kind at the center of the web, of course. So, I am not surprised one bit by your venomous attack on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Were it up to you, you would start with total surveillance, then move to take our guns away (while keeping yours); your next logical step would be annulling the first amendment. Luckily for us, it is not up to you.
You never miss an opportunity to broadcast that in your crusades you are driven solely by your deep passion for justice. But these proclamations are nothing but a smokescreen to hide what you really are – a belligerent misanthrope. I know your kind. I have had misfortune to run into quite a few of you in my journey through life. One look into your eyes is enough to see the noxious darkness skulking behind them.
You, a self-proclaimed “man-hunter,” (the tag, along with swastika armband, all jackbooted thugs would proudly wear on their sleeves), say you are after psychopaths, sociopaths, and otherwise depraved individuals. Well, you are one of them. In fact, an especially deleterious kind, as you conceal your depravity with a fig leaf of humanitarianism. You mask your belligerent misanthropy with the screens of justice, public good, truth itself. The fact, however, is that, as with all fascists, you parasitize noble ideas; this is, after all, the most efficient way into the hearts and minds of the masses. You, ‘beloved humanitarian’, use the sufferings of the victims of crime not only to burrow your way into the media disseminating your warped ideology, but also to shield yourself from well-justified criticism. A pernicious parasite, indeed! But to see you for what you really are one just have to observe virtually anthropophagous expressions of gratification when you receive news of a successful manhunt. Barely controllable expressions of nearly sexual ecstasy that crossed your repulsive face upon receiving the news of gunning down of Mr. Charles Mozdir -- who, after all, was not yet proven to be guilty of the charges -- was the latest example of this clinical misanthropy. Even some of the jackbooted thugs, behind whose broad backs you hide in your manhunt excursions, were appalled by this display of sadistic gratification.
You claim that you speak for innocent children, but in your fits of misanthropy you do not distinguish between rapists and child killers and those who simply appreciate the beauty of youth. If Vladimir Nabokov were alive today, you would probably hound this man, one of the most beautiful souls ever seen, to his death. I have no doubt as well that Lolita, surely one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, is on your long list of ‘degenerate art’ to be burnt in the squares of all major American cities. It is the self-satisfied pretenders like you that hounded Walt Whitman and brought obscenity charge against Ulysses. And this brings me to the memory of your son. Your unwillingness to discriminate between a pathological child rapist/killer and a man juts being in love with a teen girl, or a teen boy for that matter, besides being repugnant in and of itself, is a terrible disservice to Adam’s memory. By refusing making the distinction you essentially trivialize his tragic death. What is even more repugnant is the constant evocation of the poor boy’s name against the background of incessant convulsions of your belligerent misanthropy.
You hate child rapists and killers? We all do! But you also hate all of us, and I mean each and every one of your fellow human being; bakers, priests, artists, fathers, mothers, gay and straight, poor and rich, simple and wise, all of us; and this is precisely because in your perverted worldview, we are all either actual creeps or creeps in potentia who need to be kept on short leash, policed 24/7 in public places and inside our homes. Were it up to you, you will put all of us in one brightly lit glass cage and watch our every move day in and day out. And this is precisely because you project on us the darkness that dwells within you, the darkness of which you are a perpetual slave. What you ‘see’ in us, in fact, is in you. What you see are the creatures of the darkness that have metastasized a long time ago in your soul, so much so, that I suspect there is no longer a soul to be found beyond those dulled eyes. And if there is one, it is a badly warped creature, it is the soul polluted with the fumes of visceral hatred for the diversity of human experience, inhabited by malformed half-baked ideas and fascistic predilections. And do not blame the abyss you looked into for the darkness within you. This darkness did not enter you from without, it has always been within you. It was born with you, it grew up with you, it is you.
I could finish this letter with trying to shaming you. But you have no shame. I could finish this letter with a plea for your self-examination. But you are not reformable. I could finish this letter with an appeal to your humanity. But not even a shred of it is left in you, if ever there was any. The only purpose of this letter is to let you know that some of us are fully aware of what you really are - a fascist through-and-through, a deviant hypocrite, a bloodthirsty parasite. You may manipulate the sensation-driven showbiz and the shallow opinions of gullible plebeians with your pretenses, posturing, and charades, but you cannot deceive those of us who can see. Beware of wolves in sheepskins. Well, you are not a wolf, for wolves are noble animals, more a hyena-like beast in sheepskin.