Open letter to the mom who left

Subject: Open letter to the mom who left
From: No longer your daughter
Date: 18 Jan 2020

I honestly don’t even know how to start this. When I was 6 months old you left my dad and because of that he left to. I was placed in my grandparents home and have lived there ever since. My father came back into the picture when I was 8 but he was never my father after that. You went off and got pregnant by another man and had another daughter. You also went and married another man and had a son as well. Over the years I had to contact you to to hear about anything happening in your life. You didn’t even come to my wedding even though I called and told you about it months before it happened. When I had my first child you came a month after and stayed a week which made me hopeful. But of course you disappointed me yet again. He is now 5 and you have seen him maybe 3 times. You also have another grandson which is almost a year old now and I even let you know when I found out that I was pregnant. Of course you were so excited about it. But since I told you about him, you haven’t contacted me or anything. You haven’t met him and more than likely never will. When I was about 8 months pregnant I called just to talk and you asked me if I could come to my little sisters high school graduation in April. But said I would have to find somewhere to stay because you already had someone else staying with you. When I told you that I couldn’t go because I should be having my child around then you where upset because I wouldn’t go. Every time I talk to you it’s never, how are you doing? What is going on in your life? Or anything about me it’s all about my little brother and sister. It hurts. It hurts knowing that I have never and will never be good enough for you. I don’t understand what I have done for you not to care. You are always on social media bragging about your other kids but never me. You don’t call for holidays or birthdays. I haven’t even heard from you in a year. I don’t know why I continue to hope that one day I will be enough. One day I will forget about you. One day I will be happy that you were never around. I will never tell my children about how horrible you were because I don’t even want them to know you. They will only know my grandparents which are absolute angels. Or my father who is always there now, who love and cherish every minute with me and my children. I hope you enjoy your life with your other children and your husband. I hope they were worth not seeing your wonderful, amazing, and silly grandchildren. I am done now. I am tired of trying to please you. You are nothing to me now...