An open letter to the Minister for Sport

Subject: An open letter to the Minister for Sport
From: James Halle
Date: 8 May 2015

Dear Mr. Sutcliffe, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Sport)

I am a devoted AFC Bournemouth fan of over 20 years and have followed the clubs plight very closely over the past few seasons. I know you are aware of who we are as you have been on ministerial duty looking at a new community initiative at our club not so long ago.

As fans of the club, we all realise that it has had it's fair share of off-field challenges over the years and for this, have been punished accordingly via our 10 point deduction 2007/2008 season, which resulted in relegation in to League.2, and more recently 2008/2009 season we were issued with a 17 point penalty which had it not been for our superb management team in the 2nd half of the season, would have almost certainly cost us our league status. We now have new owners who have got us back on an even keel and have paid off the legacy debt left over by the previous owners, owed to HMRC and other football creditors. We are making significant in roads in to stabilising our club again and turning it in to a successful business that am certain, will ultimately run at a profit.

I believe our club is now on the cusp of something quite special with one of the best young management teams in the country at the helm and believe that we have a very realistic chance of promotion back to League.1. How ever, there is one notable issue that is threatening to de-rail our season and that is the on-going embargo on transfers. Our squad is very small (probably one of the smallest in League.2) and we are now starting to struggle as injuries are taking there toll - in some cases, players have been playing through injuries and thus putting their careers at risk. We acknowledge our previous wrong doings and accept the consequences as a direct result of poor business management. How ever, it should be noted that we are moving in the right direction and have already paid off the legacy debt to HMRC. With this in mind, a review of the possibility of having the embargo not lifted but relaxed would be greatly appreciated. The addition of 2 or 3 loan players would make so much of a difference to our season.

Any help you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

James Halle