Open Letter to Mike G.

Subject: Open Letter to Mike G.
From: Angela M
Date: 31 Dec 2019

I’ve wanted to reach out to you for sometime now but my anger towards you wasn’t at a place where I could write calmly to you.
But I wanted to communicate that what you did to me on January 27 of this year was f!#ked up. How could you not even 10 minutes after I saw my brother dead at the hospital you start shit with me. You wrongly inserted yourself into a 40 year abuse cycle that you had absolutely no business being in. No matter your intentions you sided with an abuser and in doing so makes you an abuser as well. You made yourself in that moment no better than Larry or Theresa.
You heard lies & slander that Theresa started and you took them as truth. You never asked me for my side because poor Theresa always makes herself a victim & you believed her sh#t. If you where so concerned about me why didn’t you reach out to me at another time? My cell phone & email has been the same for over 20 years. I was pretty accessible. The fact is pretty simple here. You didn’t. You chose 10 minutes after I saw my brother dead instead. I didn’t even fully know what you where talking about until later that night when I was driving home; because I was not only in shock from seeing my dead brother, but that you indeed did this a SECOND TIME.
When Jason called you all you did was make excuses for Theresa during that entire phone conversation. You still actually believed her sh#t. So much so you still defended her. To me that solidified that I’ll always be looked on as a child by you & that you have no desire to hear the truth. Even if you could have heard the portions of the truth from me you’ve made it an unsafe place to trust you with the abuse I’ve suffered from my entire life. I realized at that moment I cannot have you in my life anymore. You are not healthy for me.
Bottom line is I just saw my brother dead on a hospital bed & my time in that moment to greave was stolen from me.
You never once came to me like a man and said you where sorry and why what you did was wrong & unjustifiable. He was my brother. MINE! You where absent the vast majority of his life, but I was there. You had no right to do what you did.
You know years ago Chelsea came to me unsolicited and told me she was incredibly sorry for the first debacle with Uncle Jim. She had the balls to do what you couldn’t.
With that said I’m not asking you to apologize. If you wanted to do that you would have. It’s been almost a year. You’ve had plenty of time. I’m not seeking a response. In fact I don’t want one from you. I’m making this easy for you & Liz because I’m blocking all your ways to reach out to me. Just like Larry & Theresa you won’t have to worry about me because you won’t see or hear from me again. I’m not being dramatic just stating a fact. There is a pattern with you doing this to me when I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. I’ll repeat that again; I’ve done nothing wrong. First with Uncle Jim & now Jonathan. Especially Jonathan. I’m done.