An Open Letter to Microsoft's Xbox One Launch

Subject: An Open Letter to Microsoft's Xbox One Launch
From: Serious Sam
Date: 26 May 2013

I was waiting in anticipation for the reveal of your next generation games console and was left feeling quite disappointed by the end of it. A bit of research in to others reactions matched my feelings. I saw a poll that showed only 25% of people they questioned had positive feelings about the reveal and this wasn’t a small poll either, more than 75,000 people voted in it.

As Xbox 360 fans, we wanted the next generation of gaming to be shown to us, after all it is a games console, but what we came away with is that we aren’t actually sure who the Xbox One is aimed at. What people took away from the reveal was that you have either attempted to make an entertainment box that plays computer games or a games console that caters for other forms of entertainment like TV and film.

I myself and the majority of other Xbox 360 players are in it for the gaming experience, I can hardly remember the time I last decided to play music on my Xbox or even watched a film on it for that matter.

Your competitor Sony were very clear at their reveal that the PS4 is a console designed for gamers and developers and that got a lot of people buzzing about it. The majority of the Xbox reveal was based upon watching TV and Skype calling a friend while doing so, two things that I don’t do much of.

It’s apparent that you know outside of the gamer market a lot of families also use consoles for Blu-ray DVDs and streaming and the reveal showed this is the direction you’re looking towards. It’s just a shame that the people who actually buy the Xbox for its intended function are now getting something tailored towards the entertainment centre.

It isn’t all negative feedback, some of the features of the Xbox One looked very impressive, it’s just I think Microsoft should’ve at least equally focused their attention on the new technology and gaming developments. I’m sure a lot more of the more game orientated content will be revealed at E3 in a few weeks but I’d have liked to have seen a bit more at the initial reveal.



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