Open Letter to Microsoft

Subject: Open Letter to Microsoft
From: Parker Grytdal
Date: 16 Nov 2012

Dear Microsoft Corporation,

I felt it was important for you to understand that I have a moral objection to gay “marriage.” Since you have seen fit to place your endorsement in support of gay “marriage;” forcing me to conscientiously object; you need to understand that I will not willingly financially support your corporation again. It is unfortunate, because I’ve always appreciated your professionalism and quality of design, in the past. Your actions indicate you do not respect my moral values, and no longer want my business, so I will comply. I will do everything within my power to support other technology companies which do not feel the need to force their political views upon me.

As individuals you have a right to support anything you want. As a corporation, you have a fiscal responsibility to support all of your customers equally. You have chosen sides.

Microsoft, as a corporation has no business in politics. Customers typically don’t care what a corporation votes, since corporations don’t get to vote; individuals do. You grossly misrepresent Microsoft Corporation, since I doubt your endorsement represents your entire board and employee base individually.

You have estranged one more customer over political endorsements. While I do not believe I will singularly put you out of business, nor is it my goal. My business, in as much as possible, will go elsewhere. I’ll be watching for that familiar Microsoft logo for other reasons now. And, I’ll be taking as many of my like-minded friends and family with me, as I can.

Thank you for your time.

on Thursday, 14 June 2012 originally published on as well as sent to Microsoft



You're one out of how many million customers? You really think your little letter will hurt them. By the way, if you really want to boycott things that support gay MARRIAGE, you would throw that damn computer out, throw out your smart phone and never log onto Facebook again.

I feel that an individual’s personal life does not have to be an issue in any work circumstance. I will keep on to support Microsoft it a good product.