An Open Letter To Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Subject: An Open Letter To Mahendra Singh Dhoni
From: An Optimist Indian Fan
Date: 26 Mar 2015

Dear MSD,

Not many lads get a chance to play the gentleman’s game on a professional level, especially in a country like ours where every neighborhood is brewing the next Tendulkar. But Mahi, you proved that you are worthy to play the game at an early stage, and how heroically have you played since you started. Not only did you give a new ‘be cool’ outlook to the game, but also made sure that being cool brings the World Cup back to us. You played the mega event not once, not twice, but thrice! And with each passing World Cup, the name Dhoni became inseparable from the Indian cricket team.

From being a regular wicketkeeper to becoming a vital cog in the batting order to being that guiding angel for the team, your efforts for the national cricket team goes beyond words. Back in 2011, when India won the World Cup after 28 years, EVERY Indian was overjoyed, and praised you with phrases like “Best Captain Ever.”

All the praises came to a halt when India visited Australia last year for the dreadful test series, a series that made you bid adieu to the Test cricket for good! This was followed by even more disastrous ODI tri-series. The world became a vindictive arrogant leech ready to suck the life out of you!

But, then the mega cricketing event came. Honestly, with the ODI and the Test series debacle, we never thought that you’d come this far. But you proved us wrong, and enticed an amazing flare of hope and inspiration.

One last thing that every Indian is redolent of right now: We won’t give back the Cup. The odds may be against…hell, they are against us. Beating Australia in Australia is a mammoth of a task but the name MSD is known for overcoming the odds.

All in all, we all believe in you Dhoni and want you to lift the World Cup once again! Because back home, Ziva, with billion others, is with you on this one.

Yours Faithfully,

An Optimist Indian Fan